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Engineered Solutions of Georgia


ESOG is more than a business that sells foundation repair and waterproofing techniques, we implement paths for people to grow in their character and their careers. We aim not only to employ the people who work here but continue to enhance their skills and knowledge that can lead to new or different positions to help them achieve their goals.... Read more


Our company is based on the core values of trust, understanding, and respect. This goes for interactions with customers, vendors, and even internally. We believe there is no reason to not be completely transparent and help others learn, whether that be a new skill or education on products. We want customers and our employees to trust one another - we do this through clear and consistent communication, quality execution of jobs and tasks, and quality workmanship. We believe in collaborating as a team and to continue to grow together.... Read more


Engineered Solutions aims to continue to grow and be Atlanta's top choice for foundation repair and waterproofing. A home is most people's biggest investment. It's where families are built, memories are made, and people can gather. We work in a highly technical field that most people don't know how to fix or when there is a problem - we aim to solve that problem. Jay and Luis started this company seeing other companies fix homes in this way, but wanted a more transparent, quality-workmanship approach. ESOG continues to push for that mission since 2006, to today.... Read more


Smyrna, GA


75 US Employees


Heavy Construction & Civil Engineering

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