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Elase Medical Spas

My name is Carrie Brinton and I am the owner of Elase Spas. I love to tell the story of Elase because I want you to know that our purpose is simple and sincere… we want you to feel amazing about yourself.

In 2004, my sister-in-law and I got a random opportunity to buy a used hair removal laser and a crazy idea that we could create a place where you could get medical-ish services done in a really relaxing and friendly environment. Now of course in today’s markets you’d be like, “Hello, thats been done a 1000 times and it’s called a Medical Spa”. But back in 2004 it was a totally novel idea. In fact, Elase was the first “medical spa” in Utah. Pretty cool fact.

But even cooler than that, is the fact that Elase was started by two moms, with 6 kids between us, all under the age of 6. We were busy moms and busy entrepreneurs. And helping women believe that they can do whatever they want to do, regardless of their circumstances, would eventually become one of the central themes for Elase’s empowerment focus.

So we signed for the loan, painted the walls and jumped into what has now become one of the largest and busiest medical spas in the United States. Our growth happened very quickly and it soon became apparent that it was going to require more work, more time and more sacrifice than either of us had anticipated from the beginning.

With that realization, I had to ask myself some very important questions. Am I willing to sacrifice the time away from my kids? Am I ok being part of an industry that a lot of people see as promoting unattainable standards? Do I feel good about telling women they need to change in order to be their best? Do I want to be part of the problem with women’s propensity to compare themselves to each other? All of these questions bothered me for a long time.

Back in those early days, we were all answering the phones, doing the consultations and running the lasers. Exhausting, but it allowed me to interact with so many new friends. I got a front row seat to learn all about our clients lives. I met recently divorced women who were getting back into the dating scene. I met professional women that were facing the challenges of growing their career. I met stay at home moms that loved their children, but were searching for something that could be just their “thing”. I met really confident women with huge personalities who didn’t even hesitate to get those lips bigger, thank you very much! I met teenage girls that always wore their hair down because of the acne scars on their cheeks. I met athletes that needed a simpler routine to help them get that extra edge.

What I learned from all of these interactions is that every person has a unique story and a unique reason for coming to Elase. Some needed confidence, some needed convenience and some just needed an afternoon surrounded by positivity and encouragement. I also learned that when we are given the opportunity to eliminate an obstacle, plus a little bit of encouragement, we can become incredibly powerful and incredibly strong. I realized that Elase could play a very important role in thousands of lives, if we would keep our focus on one thing… empowering our community.

Eventually, I was able to confidently answer all of the questions I asked myself in our early years. Yes, all of the sacrifices are worth it because Elase is a company that can have an impact. Yes, it is ok to be part of the beauty industry because we can help eliminate the idea that there is a single standard of beauty. Yes, I am ok telling women that there is an opportunity for change because change can be the catalyst that makes your life that much more amazing. Yes, we can create a community that doesn’t compare and judge, but that supports and uplifts. And yes, we can build a company that provides career opportunities for hundreds of women that are also moms, wives, volunteers, friends and all the other things women do.

Today, Elase employs over 100 women. We have treated hundreds of thousands of men and women. We are the experts at what we do and we’ve proven that with countless awards, recognitions and milestones. We hope that each time you visit Elase, you feel and experience our culture of empowerment. Thank you for helping us become Utah’s largest medical spa and for being part of a story that we plan to continue to write for many more years to come!
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At Elase we believe in creating opportunities, in enhancing your best self and magnifying confidence. We achieve this with transformative goal-oriented approaches. Through empowerment, we create beautiful. ... Read more


At Elase we believe in creating opportunities, in enhancing your best self and magnifying confidence. We achieve this with transformative goal-oriented approaches. Through empowerment, we create beautiful. ... Read more


At Elase we believe in creating opportunities, in enhancing your best self and magnifying confidence. We achieve this with transformative goal-oriented approaches. Through empowerment, we create beautiful. ... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We understand that the key to our success lies with our employees. Even more important than the treatments that we provide is the relationships that we develop with each of our employees. With the exception of our physicians, Elase employs 100% female employees, which is something that we are very proud of. Our entire management team is also women. In 2015 we were FINALLY able to bring a 401k program with a 4% company match to our entire team. This is something we have been working toward for a long time and we are so happy to be able to do this. A 401k is something that is very costly to provide and is very rare in the aesthetic industry. Elase is so please to be able to reach a point where we can afford to offer such a valuable benefit to our employees.

We have tried to always make Elase the type of employer that draws and retains exceptional talent. We do that by paying above average salaries, offering health benefits, paid-time-off for all salaried employees, flexible scheduling, team and individual commissions, regular staff parties, referral bonuses, opportunities for promotion, involvement in all policy making and hiring decisions and regular advanced training courses. We consider our employees our best source for new ideas, perfecting our services and creating a strong name for Elase in the market place.

Among the many ways Elase creates an exceptional work environment is our focus on employee health. Along with providing health benefits to all employees, Elase promotes a healthy life by including stocking healthy snacks and meals in team break rooms and offering team Yoga sessions, massages during staff meetings, paid entrance to local races such as the Dirty Dash and team swimming in the Heber Mountain crater. We also take our team on several retreats each year. Our last retreat was at Zions Ponderosa resort where we participated in several team building activities and told stories around the campfire. Our team is truly a family – in fact we welcomed 5 new Elase babies this year; each greeted by a company sponsored baby shower!
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Exceed Expectations
We deliver a remarkable Customer Experience by adhering to The 5 Star Standard and delivering a Wow experience at every touch-point. We exceed the expectations of our team members through creating a positive, fun and meaningful work environment.


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