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Educational Data Systems, Inc. (EDSI)

EDSI (Educational Data Systems, Inc.) is a workforce development and training consulting organization with a local feel and national appeal. EDSI helps great companies hire and retain great people! We work with regional organizations, employers, and jobseekers to remove individuals’ barriers to employment, boost their skill sets, define their career pathways, and match them with employers that have appropriate opportunities. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, EDSI employs more than 800 people across the country in over 75 programs. From New York City and Philadelphia to rural Cape Fear, North Carolina, and multiple areas in between, we embed ourselves in the communities where we work, forming professional and personal relationships that result in a stronger, more economically vibrant workforce. As an ISO 9001 certified company, EDSI’s procedures are well-documented and consistently implemented. Our professionals are dedicated to helping businesses develop better, faster, and smarter people and strategies.... Read more


As a national consulting and workforce development company, Educational Data Systems, Inc. (EDSI) is built on a foundation of servant leadership. EDSI is passionate about helping great companies and organizations hire and retain great people. Its core values of “Show Up, Smile, and Support” have guided our forward-thinking organization to reach 40 years of success. EDSI's workforce development division manages over 75 contracts in Philadelphia, New York, Pittsburgh, Detroit and St. Louis, and multiple regions in between, that help employers and jobseekers overcome their most challenging obstacles. EDSI works with adults, youth, and those with barriers to employment gain the skills and training necessary to embark on satisfying career paths that result in self-sufficiency, while bolstering the region’s economic vitality. EDSI’s consulting team offers customized training, succession planning and talent management solutions that include analysis of an organization’s systems to help them attract, train and retain top talent. Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, EDSI is an ISO 9001 certified company committed to quality excellence, with a staff of more than 800 professionals in eight states.... Read more


As outlined in EDSI's 2023 Painted Picture, there are 3 visionary areas for the company:
1. Growth - In order to continue to provide exceptional customer service, we subscribe to a slow and steady growth rate of 10% as we invest internally in our representatives and also help communities develop their workforce.
2. Intelligent Assistance - Our leaders at all levels philosophy helps our representatives get better, smarter, faster through professional development and innovation. We are committed to providing even more remote and virtual training opportunities both inside and outside of our organization.
3. Regional Program Expansion - we're committed to providing a local feel with national appeal with the work we do and we'd love to help even more communities train and retain people in new regions as well as expand opportunities in existing regions.
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EDSI's mission statement is: “We must strive to create enthusiasm in our clients, see through their eyes, understand their needs, and deliver more than they expect.”... Read more

Additional Culture Details

EDSI's core values of Show Up, Smile and Support guide each team member to serve customers with the highest level of compassion and quality.... Read more


- I live my professional life in service to others
- I love other people's perspectives
- I do what is best for the blocks
- I talk with people, not about them

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