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Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates / FAIMER

ECFMG and FAIMER are private, non-profit organizations based in Philadelphia in the United States. In partnership with each other and with other organizations around the world, ECFMG and FAIMER work to promote quality medical education and health care worldwide. ECFMG and FAIMER are leading experts on the world’s medical education systems and their graduates, the authenticity of physician credentials, the assessment of physicians, and research on physician migration and U.S. physician workforce issues. ECFMG and FAIMER offer programs and resources that serve global communities of medical educators and regulators; physicians and medical students; and those investigating issues in medical education, assessment, and health workforce planning.... Read more


The purposes (goals) that actuate and accomplish ECFMG’s mission are to: •Certify the readiness of international medical graduates for entry into graduate medical education and health care systems in the United States through an evaluation of their qualifications. •Provide complete, timely, and accessible information to international medical graduates regarding entry into graduate medical education in the United States. •Assess the readiness of international medical graduates to recognize the diverse social, economic and cultural needs of U.S. patients upon entry into graduate medical education. •Identify the needs of international medical graduates to become acculturated into U.S. health care. •Verify credentials and provide other services to health care professionals worldwide. •Provide international access to testing and evaluation programs. •Expand knowledge about international medical education programs and their graduates by gathering data, conducting research, and disseminating the findings. •Improve international medical education through consultation and cooperation with medical schools and other institutions relative to program development, standard setting, and evaluation. •Improve assessment through collaboration with other entities in the United States and abroad. •Improve the quality of health care by providing research and consultation services to institutions that evaluate international medical graduates for entry into their country. •Enhance effectiveness by delegating appropriate activities in international medical education to FAIMER.... Read more


The ECFMG promotes quality health care for the public by certifying international medical graduates for entry into U.S. graduate medical education, and by participating in the evaluation and certification of other physicians and health care professionals nationally and internationally. In conjunction with its Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), and other partners, it actively seeks opportunities to promote medical education through programmatic and research activities.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

ECFMG displays a consistent commitment to the employee experience where employees are engaged, empowered, valued and connected to the mission of the enterprise. Incorporating a formalized mentoring program, bringing together employees across all departments and seniority levels inspires creative collaboration and personal and professional growth for all participants. Infusing leadership initiatives for employees in non-managerial roles allows for growth and development for individuals who are interested in expanding their skill sets above and beyond their current job. As an educational institution, ECFMG places great value on continued learning opportunities for their employees, coordinating on site educational programming as well as providing tuition reimbursement for employees throughout the organization. Curating a well-trained and prepared workforce instills confidence in employees to perform at their best and exhibits a commitment to employee engagement. Under ECFMG’s current leadership there is a marked commitment to transparency and inclusion. Executive management understands that a well-informed employee population minimizes speculation and anxiety within its team. Hosting webinars to outline strategic initiatives, regular communications on the intranet and departmental meetings with management are all opportunities ECFMG leverages to build trust and respect internally. Additionally, ECFMG introduces new and creative ways to build community, ranging from holiday decorating contests to spring events to celebrating significant milestones for employees. Employees refer to ECFMG as a family as opposed to simply an employer. There is a commitment to looking out for one another’s well-being and highlighting personal, departmental and organizational successes. When an employee population is comprised of individuals who have been with the organization for decades as opposed to years reflects how much employees value working for an organization such as ECFMG. ECFMG values its employees in a way that makes employees feel they matter and therefore employees are fully committed to the amazing organization they work for.
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Commitment to teamwork and communication.

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