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Economic consultancy Edgeworth Economics was founded in 2009 as a start-up that reimagined and innovated decades-old industry standards. Edgeworth is an economic and quantitative consulting firm that provides economic analysis and expert testimony for clients facing complex litigation, regulatory, and other challenges involving antitrust, class certification, intellectual property, and labor and employment. The firm's expert economists, statisticians, data analysts, and other professionals assist clients with innovative solutions rooted in the rigorous application of economic principles and hard data. Organizations including leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies in North America rely on Edgeworth Economics to help them navigate through their most critical legal disputes and other challenges. At Edgeworth's core is a thorough, data-driven approach, an ability to provide findings in a clear, straightforward manner, and a highly responsive, approachable culture.... Read more


Edgeworth Economics is one of the world’s leading economic consultancies, distinguished at the forefront of antitrust, class certification, intellectual property, and labor and employment in North America. When the world’s top law firms and companies face their highest stakes challenges in our core areas, they turn to our team of economists for unparalleled economic analysis and expert testimony.... Read more


From its founding, Edgeworth Economics reimagined economic consulting. Its guiding principles are rooted in the idea of “pareto optimality,” developed by 19th century economist Francis Edgeworth. Pareto optimality is a model of trade in which all parties could be made better off without any one individual being made worse off. These principles have cultivated an environment at Edgeworth that has continued to attract and retain the best talent and has made us the ideal setting to develop a career in economics. Edgeworth is committed to providing unmatched economic consulting services to our clients and unmatched career opportunities for our people. Those goals go hand in hand.... Read more


Edgeworth is committed to delivering positive results—for every client and every case we take on. We succeed because we focus our economic expertise, talent, and creative energy in four core areas. Our professionals include PhD economists, academics, statisticians, business specialists, and engineers with a passion for applying econometrics and economic theory, and bringing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches rooted in the rigorous application of economic principles and hard data. We offer our clients exceptional analysis communicated simply and clearly. Fortune 500 companies, leading law firms, and other world-class organizations rely on Edgeworth Economics for new thinking and effective solutions when they face their toughest challenges.... Read more


We strive to be the best and deliver work and results that are second to none.

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