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We leverage technology to accelerate clinical research and bring life-changing therapies to patients faster.... Read more


eClinical Solutions helps life sciences organizations around the world accelerate their digital clinical initiatives with modern data infrastructure and analytics. Our intelligent clinical data cloud and clinical data services give our clients real-time, self-service access to all their data from one centralized location; plus advanced analytics that help them make smarter, faster business decisions. Find out more at Read more


Our Mission is to make clinical research data acquisition and analysis easy and intelligent to help bring new treatments to patients faster.... Read more


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We put our people first in everything we do.


Mansfield, MA


250 US Employees


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What employees are saying

I love my job because my ideas, hard work and efforts make a substantial difference in the outcome of our goals as a company. Leadership understands how hard we work and strives to make sure we have all the tools, time and work/life balance necessary to get the job done right.

Co founders are 2 of the best people I've worked with

I feel valued for my contributions and feel included

I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the firm. Words will not be enough to describe - Flexibility, Work-life balance, Company culture, Great expectations, Goal-oriented leadership, Open-door policy, Room to grow and Challenging work

I feel valued by my boss and the leadership team and other departments. I am able to have the flexibility or working remote and at the office. i enjoy the people i work with. I am constantly learning new things with my job and am very involved.

We have the best team, and the work we do improves people lives

My manager and the study teams I am a part of are amazing. It is truly about the people you work with when making the decision to stay or move on to another company.

I feel valued and enjoy the people I work with. Also, I feel that the work we do benefits the population. Plus, the company is always giving back and many times match monies that are donated to causes that benefit those that need assistance.

I feel my ideas are heard which makes my job easier and helps me feel valued.

The company culture, goal-oriented leadership and the work that we do is interesting and challenges me to continue to grow within the company.

I feel that I am valued and I'm part of a company that is making a difference

My work interests me and challenges me. I am working with professionals that I can learn from, who encourage me and push me to want to do my best. I feel respected and valued for my contributions to the Company.

I can make a difference and make an impact for our customers and team members.

My co-workers are kind inclusive and knowledgeable people who make my work environment an inviting judgement free place I enjoy participating in.

I love my job because I get to be involved in working on something rewarding that at the end of the day can make an impact on people's lives.

I have a terrific manager and supportive team. I am exposed to new projects often and have the ability to grow and learn things I likely would not at other companies. I have the flexibility in my day to create my own schedule.

I have the independence and trust from management to set my goals and then execute plan to complete, with proper leadership oversight. Teams work together and communicate well to achieve desired results. Departments don't seem to compete with one another.

I get to do challenging tasks and support the team.

I am given the flexibility to be my best, inspire others that work for me and deliver the best results for the company.

I am part of a strong growing company that is focused on delivering excellence in all areas of our industry. I have access to all of the resources that I need and have the ability to voice opinions and ideas freely.

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