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Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center is a nonprofit research institute with a mission to improve the human condition through plant science. Scientific research at the nexus of food, energy and the environment is aimed at improving the productivity and sustainability of agriculture. The Danforth Center is unique in its commitment to both fundamental research and engagement across the spectrum of discovery to application. Interactive teams of scientists with partners around the world, develop unique technology platforms to discover underlying principles about how plants work. That knowledge is converted into useful crops and products helping to generating new companies, new jobs, and new investment opportunities in plant science, biotechnology, and related fields.... Read more


Since 1998, The Donald Danforth Plant Science Center has brought nearly 300 scientists from more than 20 different countries together to answer humanity’s most profound challenges. Today the Danforth Center is the largest organization of its kind, an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit founded to improve the human condition through plant science.... Read more


The Danforth Plant Science Center seeks to feed the hungry and improve human health while preserving and renewing our environment. Through our endeavors, we will enhance the St. Louis region as a world center for plant science.... Read more


Improve the human condition through plant science... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Collaboration is an integral part of the culture at the Danforth Plant Science Center. We are an institution based on a partnership of leaders, scientists, universities, innovators, companies, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. Researchers work in cross-functional teams in laboratory spaces that are open and designed so that scientists from a variety of disciplines interact regularly, share ideas and develop creative approaches to developing solutions to major challenges. We have collaborators around the country and around the world. In addition to research scientists, teams of field specialists collaborate with international and local partner organizations on issues critical to delivering advances to places where people are most in need. The Center is a major driver in the development of the 39 North innovation ecosystem in our region, helping to create jobs and economic vitality.... Read more


The Center community is a team of teams. We foster an environment characterized by excellence, trust, and interdependence. Every person’s contributions and achievements are recognized, appreciated, and valued.

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