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Delta Technology, LLC.

Large or Small, Simple or Complex. Whether your manufacturing needs require simple fixturing and tooling used to assist operators, or fully automated production lines, Delta Technology is your partner in automation. Providing solutions to companies with a single employee to multi-national Fortune 500 corporations, in fields as diverse as medical, automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical, machine tool, and plastics manufacturing.

Process/Assembly Automation and Controls: Production Line Automation, Machine Design and Build, Automated Testing Equipment, Control Systems Design and Build, Manual or Semi Automatic fixtures, Special Handling Tools, Test Fixtures.
Manufacturing Processes Include: Material handling (fabric, thin-film, paper, metal, plastic), Packaging(boxing, palletizing), Fastening (rivets, screws, nuts), Joining (ultrasonic, adhesive, thermal), Parts inspection and sorting(vision, gauging, weighing), Parts handling (pick & place, robotic), Parts feeding, testing, cleaning
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Tempe, AZ


43 US Employees



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