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At Definitive Healthcare, our passion is to transform data, analytics, and expertise into healthcare commercial intelligence. We help clients uncover the right markets, opportunities and people, so they can shape tomorrow’s healthcare industry. Our SaaS platform creates the path to commercial success in the healthcare market, so companies can identify where to go next.... Read more


Create new paths to commercial success in the healthcare market.... Read more


At Definitive Healthcare, our mission is to transform data, analytics and expertise into healthcare commercial intelligence. We help you uncover the right markets, opportunities and people, so you can identify where to go next and accelerate your journey.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Our employees are collaborative, energetic, approachable, and driven—creating an award-winning culture where everyone upholds our core values, includes others, and betters our community.

Every single employee works to improve our community through DefinitiveCares—a 100% employee-driven program that goes beyond financial contributions and into regular hours of service. We support our local community organizations, as well as national organizations, that focus on the issues we’re passionate about, such as homelessness, hunger and children’s needs.

Fun and connection are key to our company culture. With 10 clubs to choose from, there’s something for everyone—from book club to board game nights, to our singing group, the DefiniTones.

We also have five employee-led affinity groups: BIPOC, LGBTQ+, women’s empowerment, awareness of visible and invisible disabilities (AVID), and working parents. Affinity groups provide a way for everyone to come together and share their common experiences. Alongside their allies, these employees work to promote a sense of community, belonging and understanding at Definitive Healthcare.
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Customer Focused
We focus on our clients and work hard to ensure their satisfaction.


Framingham, MA


604 US Employees


Vendor Serving Healthcare Industry

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What employees are saying

I work for a great company with a great product that deeply cares about it's people and it's mission. We're able to positively impact the healthcare ecosystem helping to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.

It lets me be creative and problem solve. I also really love the people I work with.

The culture that Definitive Healthcare has fostered makes me excited to show up and work for this company every day. I am challenged by my responsibilities in a way that allows me to learn new skills and abilities regularly and become more confident in myself as a professional. I find great interest in the tasks that I work on, and I love that the company supports my desire to learn and build upon my skillset with various online platforms and courses.

The people in the company will listen to an idea no matter your age or race. I work on the ground floor of a great company that is changing lives ever day in the Healthcare industry.

Definitive is such a wonderful work environment and I feel fulfilled in my role when I am able to help clients/co-workers. Everyone at Definitive Healthcare wants to see their peers succeed, which makes a really special work environment.

Its interesting and meaningful to provide solutions for life sciences, It's an open and accepting environment where people listen and respect your ideas. Its easy to make decisions and take action. There is a "do it" attitude - be scrappy and get stuff done. Things are happing in a friendly and collaborative environment - awesome!

My impact is felt across the entire company and my hard work is appreciated and congratulated.

I love the mission of the company, the smart people I work with, and the progressive culture.

Everyone is so kind. From the bottom to the top everyone wants you to succeed and do well. People aren’t just nice they make systems so you don’t get burn out, have the time off you need, etc. They are “structural” kind. People I know irl ask me to send them job postings ALL the time.

They value me as an employee and as a person. They want me to have that balance of having a good work life but also a great home life as well.

Company Snapshots

DefinitiveCares volunteers at Drumlin Farm
DefinitiveCares volunteers at Boston Area Gleaners
DefinitiveCares volunteers at Crossroads Field Day
DefinitiveCares volunteers at Waltham House pride party