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Since being founded in 1972, our approach has been unique to automotive financing – we allow auto dealers to finance any consumer, regardless of credit history. For someone with poor credit history or without a vehicle, often as a result of unfortunate life events, securing reliable transportation can be truly life changing. Our team members take pride in helping our customers obtain vehicles and reestablish their credit. And we take pride in helping our dealers serve these customers and, by doing so, improving the financial health of their business.... Read more


We Change Lives!... Read more


Credit Acceptance is a proven industry leader and has been copied by many. The difference between Credit Acceptance and others trying to emulate our business model is experience and our commitment to driving possibility for deserving consumers. Credit Acceptance was founded in 1972, and since then has offered automobile dealers financing programs that enable them to sell vehicles to consumers, regardless of their credit history. Our vision is best communicated through our purpose statement, “We Change Lives!” Our product itself inspires our people. It truly changes lives. For consumers whose lives have been complicated, often because of unfortunate events, the ability to buy a vehicle or rebuild good credit offers hope and a fresh start. For dealers, our product opens the possibility of selling quality vehicles to consumers previously unable to purchase through traditional financing sources, positively impacting the financial success of the dealership. Our team members understand these benefits.... Read more

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We’re proud of our outstanding culture and our successful business, and we firmly believe our culture is a key part of our success. Our path to success starts with clearly defined stretch goals. To accomplish them, we focus on three keys to success: a great product, a great environment, and great people. Our Company and culture empower our team members to do amazing work in a completely trusting environment and to find the best ideas by listening to each other. These elements work together to make our Company a great place to work, and the results prove it. Recently 92% of our team members answered positively to the question, “Taking everything into account, I would say this is a great place to work.”... Read more


Positive – maintain a positive attitude, focus on solutions, promote a friendly collaborative environment.


Southfield, MI


2,184 US Employees


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