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Credigy provides creative solutions for consumer finance. We are a global specialty finance company with flexibility across the capital structure to acquire or finance a diverse range of assets. We invest in consumer assets across multiple asset classes and geographies and currently own $5B+ in assets. In 2006, Credigy was acquired by National Bank of Canada (NBC) and we are a core component of their U.S. Specialty Finance and International group. Life-to-date, we have closed more than 325 deals, representing $16B+ in total investments. Our continued success is attributable to four key areas of strength that make us unique in the world of consumer finance: sophisticated data analysis and valuation, a flexible servicing model, diversification, and access to capital. We are the partner of choice when financial institutions face complex challenges and strategic changes.... Read more


We provide creative solutions for consumer finance.... Read more


Credigy is founded on a simple philosophy: If we build a company of smart people, and foster a culture of taking calculated risk, we can achieve exceptional, disciplined growth.... Read more


We are the partner of choice when consumer finance institutions face complex challenges and strategic changes.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

What makes us unique isn't just our approach to consumer finance - it's our culture. Our people appreciate our results-oriented, non-hierarchical environment and the speed at which it allows us to make business decisions.

We love Monday mornings as much as Friday afternoons. That’s because we’re doing interesting work alongside people we admire. Working at Credigy gives you the support and flexibility to create a career you love. When you work at Credigy, what matters to you, matters to us.

Credigy focuses on hiring, developing and retaining highly motivated, capable professionals who go the extra mile and never stop learning. Our people are smart. But at Credigy, being smart doesn't just mean being intelligent. Being smart means being bold, curious and supportive. Bold: We get stuff done, focus on results, take calculated risks, and solve even the scary problems. Curious: We figure out the unknowns, are lifelong learners, and always ask, 'What if?' Supportive: We stay humble, share the credit, and appreciate diverse backgrounds and ideas.

We proudly provide our employees with meaningful, individualized growth opportunities. We don't limit ourselves with narrow definitions of achievement and career progression. We support and reward our people for the success they help create.
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What matters to you, matters to us
We provide life-focused perks to help you be at your best. We've got your back.


Norcross, GA


161 US Employees


Credit & Finance

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What employees are saying

I love the challenge my position presents and I enjoy the people I work with. I can see the ways the work I do impacts the business of the company.

It gives me the autonomy to work creatively and independently, while also the freedom to collaborate with others. I also feel that Credigy as a company strongly values and takes care of its employees.

I feel very empowered to do my job and act on my own when needed. My manager supports me personally and professionally and I feel valued by my entire team. I enjoy working at Credigy and truly feel like they care about every single person who works here.

It is challenging, yet not daunting in difficulty. The team on which I work is a close knit group that works well together, and our manager is the perfect balance of accountability and partner.

I'm challenged every single day personally and professionally.

I have enjoyed seeing Credigy grow over the years. I really enjoy the people I work with and the work that we do standalone and as a team. The flexibility that we have to work outside of a fixed desk greatly contributes to overall job satisfaction.

Autonomy to learn, grow, and build. We are small enough that individual voices carry weight and I am able to make a noticeable difference.

I feel my opinions and insight are valued and sought after, and that the business is dynamic, constantly evolving, which makes for a varied work environment.

Primarily it is because of the people I work with - people that are smart, supportive, and engaging. I love that I get to work with people that are creative and love to solve problems. Even more than that, these are people that I genuinely enjoy spending time with, both in working through complex work issues and addressing business concerns and needs, and also in catching up on recent events around the water cooler and socializing at work and other events. I firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people.

I have a lot of autonomy and flexibility. I feel like I'm part of a team.

I can learn, grow and evolve. My voice is heard and get opportunities to express my opinion. Credigy creates a perfect environment where I can feel connected, valued and accepted.

it constantly evolves. I am allowed to take on more as I become ready for the increased responsibility. My day to day consists of shifting between data work and portfolio management, internal and external audiences, account-level and portfolio-level interaction. This sort of dynamic role keeps me engaged in the work I am doing.

I work with fantastic people and I enjoy the work that I do.

I get to work with people that are smart, respectful, curious and easy to get along with. The best part of my job is helping others to grow and develop.

It balances everything I need in a long-term employment engagement: Challenge, growth, flexibility, support, and engagement.

I work with incredibly talented people who challenge and inspire to be at my best every single day

I work for a company that truly cares about its employees collectively and as individuals. And at the same time, continues to establish itself as an industry leader. What's not to love?

Freedom to innovate and create in a supportive environment.

I'm doing something different every day, and the work life balance is great

I feel motivated to do my best because it is clear my work is valued.

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