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Cornerstone's 7 regional offices support thousands of insurance agents and their clients by providing access to a full array of group, individual and senior health/ancillary products. Carrier and vendor partners are carefully chosen to add the highest quality and value to agents' portfolios. Our legal and compliance knowledge and guidance is sought after daily by those perplexed by a maze of legislative changes. We are proud to assist in building and servicing agents' blocks of business by offering resources which enable the time needed to focus on new opportunities. By breaking down the barriers in a complicated industry, our agents remain confident that their existing customers are being cared for and guided by the professional staff at Cornerstone.
Our bottom line is simple: add value by making others jobs effortless and profitable. We accomplish this by continuing to thrive in a very complicated, ever-changing industry. Our service levels remain top-notch and our expert of A+ players is dedicated to providing trusted guidance that helps our agents grow their business with solutions geared toward each one's unique circumstances.
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“We exist solely to provide value by making our client and partners jobs effortless and more profitable”.... Read more


"To be the trusted partner solving complex benefit challenges"... Read more


To be the trusted partner in solving complex benefit challenges.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Non-Negotiable Attributes of Our Culture
-Embrace the highest of ethical business practices: Moral, Honest, Unbiased
-Resilient to market changes: Adaptable, Spirited, Versatile, Cup half full
-Infectiously positive: Friendly, Influential, Approachable, Interested, Respectful
-Active participants: Curious, Reliable, Accountable, Crave Information
-Determined to deliver results exceeding expectations: Embracing, Deliberate and diligent, Detailed, Effective
-Collaborative and cooperative: Cultivate and mentor others, Effectively work as a team for one purpose,
-Graciously disruptive: Devil's advocate, Think outside the box,
-Bring passion to their roles: Zealous, Embracing, "Own" their work
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1. Embrace highest ethical business practices.
2. Resilient to market changes.
3. Infectiously positive.
4. Active participants.
5. Determined to deliver results exceeding expectations.
6. Graciously disruptive.
7. Collaborative and cooperative.
8. Bring passion to their roles

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