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Our business is the business of building. The most essential component of any building is the foundation. With a strong foundation, a building can stand tall for centuries. For a company to stand for centuries, it too, must also have a strong, solid foundation.

CORE Construction’s rich history started with one key moment in 1937, when our founder, Otto Baum, applied for a loan to start a masonry company. He had nothing to use as collateral except for his proven character and exemplary reputation. When the bank manager asked the loan officer why they should consider Otto's request, the officer simply replied, "I trust him." This event sparked the beginning of a company that would one day grow to over 26 offices across nine states, supported by over 1,200 employees and a strong culture built on the same trust Otto started the company with in 1937.

Utilizing comprehensive construction knowledge and industry expertise, CORE provides exceptional building services in 13 markets: Commercial, Energy, Solar, Federal, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, K-12, Disaster Recovery, Light Industrial, Multifamily Residential, Municipal, and Senior Living.
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Our mission is to earn the trust of our employees, building partners, and clients. Achieving this mission begins by building teams with members who have unwavering, comprehensive trust in one another.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Every person at CORE shares a common commitment to our culture. This shared commitment allows each team member to have unwavering, comprehensive trust in one another and the team itself. All-encompassing trust ensures that our teams function at a high level of efficiency. We talk straight with each other, share information openly, and maintain real communication and collaboration as we see each project through to conclusion.... Read more




Metairie, LA


1,200 US Employees


Building Construction

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Safety Stand Down Meeting
Hogs for the Cause team "Swine and Dine"
Regional Safety Manager, Chad Goubert, hosting a safety stand down meeting.
Company photo at City Park
4th of July at the Office!