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Cooperative Association for Special Education Overview

Students receiving special education services require differentiated supports and services from specialized school based professionals in order to learn and grow. CASE is a 21st Century organization that collaborates to provide these supports for students in our DuPage County member districts 15, 16, 41, 44, 87, 89 and 93. CASE provides Speech and Language Therapy, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Social workers, Adapted Physical Education Teachers, Psychologists, Vision and Hearing teachers, Special Education teachers, and behavior/academic coaches. In addition to our direct work with students, CASE develops and delivers professional learning for district staff in the areas of communication, social-emotional learning, personalized instruction, student assessment, transportation, finance and technology. Our exceptional consultative and professional development supports, such as social-emotional learning, enable ALL students to grow in diverse and inclusive school environments.

Provide specialized services in the areas of instruction, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral support and adapted physical education to students with special needs. Provide leadership and training to district and school staff in the area of working with students with special needs.
Excellence Through Collaboration
Collaborate to provide specialized instruction and supports to students in our member districts.
Additional Culture Details
Excellence Through Collaboration is not simply a mission statement. At CASE, it is a valued and essential factor in our culture. It is evident in the way staff interact with leaders and peers. There is transparency in the application of best practice because stakeholders make decisions together. Our staff receive the respect they deserve and everyone is given a chance to become an expert in their role. Administrators listen to new ideas, ask thoughtful questions and participate in creative problem solving. Leadership also encourages growth through learning teams which bring together staff with the same jobs/credentials to network, share resources, teach and learn. This leads to high quality collaboration and coaching for our district partners. CASE also invests in staff by offering high quality professional development. Finally, there is also value in the purpose of the organization. CASE supports the special needs of students in our participating school districts. Because our staff have the opportunity to fulfill a meaningful purpose and are supported in doing so, our retention rate is over 90% and we have a solid reputation as an excellent place to work.
Collaboration: We offer our expertise to district-based school staff.
Partnership: We work within our districts' values/mission and vision for their students
Support: Our staff, our students and our school teams need to be part of a community of learners
Expertise: Our staff is highly specialized and trained in their areas of expertise
Growth: Our focus is on growing students and staff to increase success
Passion: We believe that we make a difference in the lives of our students and their families.
Hope: We believe our work changes lives.
Glen Ellyn, IL
180 US Employees
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