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Intoxalock is a national leading provider of ignition interlock devices, with customers in all 50 states. Ignition interlocks are often installed in a vehicle following a drunk driving offense and have proven to be extremely effective in preventing repeat offenses. In addition, states with strict ignition interlock laws have seen a drastic decrease in the number of alcohol related traffic fatalities.

Intoxalock devices are reliable and easy to use. With twice as many installation locations as any other interlock provider, Intoxalock makes the process as quick and painless as possible for the customer.

Intoxalock is also recognized for providing top notch customer service and 24/7 support. We recognize that a drunk driving offense is stressful and overwhelming. Our representatives help each customer through the process and are there every step of the way.
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Reduce repeat drunk driving offenses and help to prevent alcohol related traffic fatalities.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

Intoxalock employees share a mission of truly providing the support to help people get their lives back after a drunk driving offense by giving them the tools to live and drive responsibility. Company-wide, we share and celebrates successes as we continue changing lives and making big impacts. The Intoxalock culture is one that celebrates the “whys” of coming to work every day – to make a difference.

At Intoxalock, we try new things, celebrate successes, and recognize that failures are critical and valuable. When you work at Intoxalock, you are immersed into a culture that urges employees to bring forth new ideas and to think outside the box, no matter what your position and title might be.

Our company culture of inclusivity and diversity of ideas is not limited within the walls of the Intoxalock offices. Our employees work to spread our values and knowledge of our company goals to the larger community. In Q1 alone, our HR team and volunteers from other departments have participated in six different career fairs at both colleges and adult career centers.

Additionally, members from the Intoxalock team are representing their talents, the company, and our larger industry within various local and state organizations. Our HR recruiter Abigail Weatherwax is the Community Engagement Director on the Des Moines Partnership’s Young Professionals Connection. Our Chief Technology Officer Tom Chess represents the company with the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI), an organization that encourages professional development, networking among Iowa technological companies, and the sharing of valuable knowledge and resources. Our General Council Shannon Woods sits on the Drake Law School Board on Counselors. Human Resources Manager Kevin Hetland is a member of School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC) for Van Meter Schools which helps students with post-graduation preparedness whether planning for college, trades, or entering the workforce, to ensure individual successes.
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