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The culture of Compass Mortgage is unlike any mortgage company.
The phenomenal Compass culture stems from our 3 core values: infinite worth, integrity, and excellence. We believe every individual, whether it be our client, team member, or vendor, is to be treated with the utmost respect because they have infinite worth. We believe that doing business with integrity is the only way to do business; our approach is built upon a foundation of strong principles and honesty. Finally, we believe in excellence. You are either getting better or getting worse; you are never staying the same. At Compass Mortgage we are always striving to get better.

We are here to get loans done quickly, correctly, and collaboratively. We have a family-like attitude of working together to get loans through our system. Our goal is to create a better mortgage experience for our clients, so our team is unified and collaborative throughout the loan process. Our clients benefit from and enjoy the loan process because of how we work together to achieve the end goal, and our team members benefit from it as well.
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Additional Culture Details

Aspirational Values are the characteristics that Compass believes must be in place for us to be successful as an organization. We are not necessarily bad at these items, but we are aware that without intentionally focusing on these values, we will fall short of the goals we have set out to achieve. Everyday, we should strive to have G.R.A.C.E.

Grit - Having sustained passion and perseverance for long-term goals. Talent x Effort =
Skill. Skill x Effort = Achievement. Talent and skill matter, but effort counts twice.

Responsibility - Taking personal responsibility for our work. Eliminating blame and
victim mindsets (Reference the “QBQ”).

Adaptability - Being able to change with changing environments. Always being a student
and being willing to learn new things. Never getting “stuck in our ways” (Reference
“Who Moved My Cheese”).

Customer Experience - “Wowing” the customer with every transaction. A successful
deal is not when a loan closes, but when a loan closes and the customer goes and tells
their friend what a great job Compass did for them (reference “Raving Fans”).

Effective Communication - Ensuring that the most important messages are being
received. This is not only internal communication but communication with our clients
and vendors. Communication needs to be intentional, repeated (multiple times!), and
used with different mediums (email, phone, face to face, video, etc.).
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Infinite Worth
We believe every individual, whether it be our client, team member, or vender, is to be treated with the utmost respect because they have infinite worth.


Warrenville, IL


230 US Employees


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