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  2. Insurance Agency LLC Insurance Agency LLC is an innovative technology startup that’s currently exploding in growth. We’re
reinventing the way people buy car insurance and breathing life and simplicity into a process
that no one regards as easy. Much like you think Kleenex is another name for tissue, we’re
going to be the same for online comparison shopping.
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Currently offering car insurance comparison services for US consumers, allows consumers to fill out a single form and get multiple quotes from trusted auto insurers. Through simple side-by-side comparison, makes finding the best available rates on car insurance easy.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

We inherited the mantra, “Those who love what they do, do it better,” from our parent-company Admiral Group, and we wholeheartedly believe that. From our benefits to the very layout of our office, we built an environment that supports our employees not only professionally but personally. Our employees are not just co-workers, but friends who start local sports teams together, support each other when their bands are performing at a local venue and even plan trip extensions to travel the world together. As a company, we support them every step of the way.

The first step in happy employees are healthy employees. boasts a self-funded benefits package, so we are invested in the well-being of every employee. Beyond providing fresh fruit daily and having a treadmill desk, we offer all full-time employees health coverage. Our health care package is free, with voluntarily upgrades, and includes dental, vision and an Aflac insurance option. We also provide free Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability insurance for all of our employees. To offset the rising cost of health insurance, we contribute to every team member’s Health Savings Account (HSA). We encourage healthy living with a wellness program that rewards those who are physically active, sign a no-tobacco form and visit their primary care physician annually. Each employee may be reimbursed up to $40 each quarter for race entries and local sport team fees, which helps make working out fun and financially affordable. Additionally, we encourage employees to prepare for their financial futures by providing a dollar-for-dollar match of up to 5 percent into 401Ks or Roth IRAs, and brought in financial advisors who were available to help every individual who wanted planning assistance.

Physical well-being is best complimented by mental wellbeing, which we encourage with four weeks of paid time off. We recently surveyed our team, and found that the majority of the office would like the added benefit of half-day Friday’s during the Summer. They asked, so we answered, giving every employee seven half days to use during the summer months. Our survey also indicated that free massages would inspire the team, so we brought in a masseuse earlier this month.

We also believe in learning from our sister companies, and we regularly send our team members to the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and India. While some trips are training focused, such as inter-country department meetings, we also have some reward trips that we give to exceptionally performing employees. We annually send employees to an awards banquet in Cardiff, Wales, as well as performance-based trips to places including Denmark, Hawaii, the Super Bowl and the iHeart Radio Festival.
Our company is built on transparency. We host monthly all-staff meetings where our CEO, Andrew Rose, walks us through the numbers of the month prior, as well as projections for next month. It allows us all to be owners in our success. That transparency continues all year long, with our very open office environment. If an employee needs to speak with a manager, department head, or even the CEO, we are all equals and sit together. There is not a single cubicle in our office. We also encourage anonymous feedback through a physical suggestion box and online option to submit ideas for improvement.
Our office design will have a completely open floor plan just like our current office, but will also feature elements that the employees suggested and voted on. Together, the entire office compiled and selected five themes for our office that we will decorate around. Beyond just selecting themes, our moving committee gathered over forty-eight pages of ideas from our employees, looked for common ideas and made recommendations to fit the needs of the company.

The company also sponsors team outings, where each department gets a set budget to leave work a few hours each quarter and have fun together. Some examples of these outings are go-karting, enjoying a cheese plate at a local bar, taking a cooking class, trying to escape from the Escape Room and volunteering at Maymont. We also do two annual company-wide events, such as an all-expenses paid bowling trip and an evening out at the Flying Squirrels game. We also host an annual awards party, where every employee receives two free drinks, dinner and a night of dancing (if they choose to participate, or even break out into unplanned karaoke).

Training has also been a focus of growth for our company. We have sent some of our marketing team to get trained at the headquarters of our email provider, a few of our website guru’s headed to Washington, DC to learn about Google Tag Manager and our human resources department went to Charleston to learn about new policies. On a smaller scale, we also host ‘Book Club,’ where we read and discuss professional development books together over complimentary lunch. Learning is a huge part of our culture, and if employees are going back to school, will contribute $1,500 a semester to their furthering education.

A company is nothing without its employees, and we are proud to have a low rolling average attrition rate. We work hard to create an environment of hard work, happiness and growth.
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