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Colonial School District

A k-12 district located in New Castle, De, serves approximately 10,000 students & have 8 elementary, 3 middle, 1 high & 2 special needs schools. Colonial has adopted a strategic vision called the Power of We which contains 4 pillars of focus. These 4 pillars (Early Childhood, Leadership & Learning, Innovation and Access & Opportunity allow the ability to extend education beyond our walls. By adopting a renewed focus on early education, we are able to create an opportunity for our youngest learners to be successful through their entire educational career. Through leadership & learning, we offer access to frequent professional development sessions for our teachers & support staff. The importance of innovation in Colonial contains a wide array of principals & practices from in classroom tech to social media, learning management systems and more. Finally "where access meets opportunity" allows our district to meet our communities needs by providing access to services such as health clinics, summer programs, & other opportunities that arise for residents of our district to ultimately enhance the Colonial educational experience.... Read more


New Castle, DE


1,855 US Employees


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Early Childhood

By investing in Pre-k programming, our students will be more prepared for success at the kindergarten level and beyond.
Leadership and Learning
By creating a culture of leadership, Colonial will strive to lead the way in cutting edge practices while continuing to listen & learn from parents, community and colleagues.
Through collaboration, research and professional development, we will create innovative educational and professional experiences for our students and staff.
Access and Opportunity
By providing access to services such as health clinics and our summer feeding programs, opportunities arise for residents of our school district that will ultimately enhance the Colonial educational experience.