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We live and breathe data security at Code42. Our global team of security experts safeguard more than 50,000 organizations that rely on us to help them detect, investigate and respond to insider threats. This includes 13 of the world’s most valuable brands.

Security teams use our solution to quickly surface insider threats to trade secrets and other high-value files so they can detect when data is exfiltrated and respond before damage is done. Our solution tracks files as they are attached to emails, uploaded to web applications, and moved to cloud accounts, USB sticks and external hard drives. The solution also allows data to be recovered after theft, ransomware, and hardware and software failure.

We are proud our insider threat solution has been honored with several national awards in 2019. This includes Globee, IT World, Black Unicorn and Stevie Awards, as well as Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and an Info Security PG's Global Excellence Award.

Secure the Collaboration Culture: In the race for ideas, never compromise the speed of innovation nor the safety of ideas
Code42's mission is to speed the time to detect, investigate and respond from data risk to insider threat
Additional Culture Details
Code42 has a culture of transparency founded upon the core premise that how we achieve results is equally important as the achievement of results themselves. We live and work by our ability to Get it Done and Do it Right. We focus on being one team, putting our customers first and driving meaningful results. In order to innovate for our customers, we foster a learning environment that encourages the assumption of positive intent, differing views, risk taking, and swift action. We want every employee at Code42 to be better for having worked here.
Put the Security Customer First
It’s simple. Always put the customer first.Help security teams protect their companies from data loss due to insider threat.
Get it Done
What you do. The role you play. The things you achieve.
Do it Right
How you behave. The way you show up. Your character.
Assume Positive Intent
Seek first to understand. Practice empathy, patience and understanding. We all want to do a good job, so start there.
Leave the World a Better Place
Leave an impression and leave a mark. Learn something. Give back. Become a better version of yourself, everyday.
Don't Wait... Every Second Counts!
Be courageous to try new things. Go outside your comfort zone and be comfortable in the unknown. Move quickly and learn from mistakes.
Minneapolis, MN
480 US Employees
Security - Protecting Companies from Data Loss ...


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