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CSA Rocks! Just ask any of our CSAers across the nation. We are a Disabled Veteran Owned Business that supports the federal government in the areas of Program Management, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Business Improvement and Analytic Services. From acquiring complex weapon systems to implementing large scale public policy, the mission of government in today’s world is fast paced and ever changing. At CSA, we believe we have a corporate responsibility to do the right thing for our company, team members, clients, and nation. We operate out of four offices: San Diego, CA, Mechanicsburg, PA, Tyson's Corner, VA, and Tom's River, NJ. We are rapidly growing and were recognized as being one of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies for five consecutive years. We owe the past 15 years of our success to the outstanding and ambitious team members that work (and play) together to make CSA a Best Places to Work in San Diego and Central Pennsylvania.... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

CSA has a very rich and lively culture. A recent example of it is our core value development and launch. CSA’s values are woven into not only the fabric of the company, but also the integrity of the employees, all who live the six values every day. Over the course of the last couple years, CSA has been working hard to identify its core values. Starting out as a companywide survey, CSA asked all employees to define their personal core values. Through a series of focus groups, these responses were condensed and solidified into six core values that describe both the people at CSA and what the company stands for.
The values, which form the acronym FESTIC, are as follows:
F –Fun--Fueled by Fun
E – Empowerment—Great People Empowered to Do Great Things
S—Self-Improvement—Keep Moving Forward and Amaze Yourself
T – Teamwork--Random Acts of Teamwork
I – Individuality--Collectively Creating Awesome
C – Client Service--Inspired People Engaging in Client Success

Upon launch of the core values, CSA wanted to not only unite the company, but also continue to integrate the core values into every employee. In October of 2015, CSA initiated its Core Value Campaign. Each month, focusing on one core value over the course of six months, employees had the opportunity to not only participate in fun events, but also collect the designated core value pin. At the end of the six-month campaign, each employee that obtained six pins was eligible to receive a prize (core value mug, stickers and coaster). October began the project with a pumpkin carving contest and a huge happy hour party for the value “Fun,” followed by a November “Teamwork” Escape Room challenge. December came “Individuality” and a personality test was administered, January brought “Self-Improvement” and tips focused on improving specific areas such as mind, finance, health and professional life, including a 30-day fitness challenge, followed by February’s “Empowerment” month which encouraged employees to submit “EMPOWERgrams” identifying their colleague’s qualities that contribute to their success. March, which closed out the Core Value Campaign, focused on “Client Service” by launching the CSA Institute, a portal for all of CSA’s core curriculum, training, tools and employee development planning resources.

The six-month Core Value campaign is a perfect example of the culture that is CSA. We are always trying to find new activities and ways to engage our employees and fuel our culture. We want to have a culture that resonates with our employees throughout their career at CSA, or even elsewhere. We want to make sure if any employee chooses to part ways with CSA, it is not an easy decision for them to make.
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