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We’re a sixth-generation family-owned business founded in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. And since our founding, we’ve been conducting business in a way that’s good for our customers, respectful to our team members, compassionate toward animals, and kind to our planet.

Our company isn’t just another pork supplier. We are committed to animal care, led by our core values of Ethics, Integrity, and Stewardship. That commitment is why you can count on quality products, why we treat customers and team members with careful respect, and why the animals in our care are raised to standards that go well beyond industry requirements.

We provide quality pork products for retail, foodservice, and manufacturing customers alike, and all our partners benefit from impressive products and exceptional service. It’s part of our ongoing pledge that Clemens is a name you can trust—today, and every day.
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At Clemens Food Group, we operate every day with a deep sense of purpose. This purpose shows up in ways big and small. We are a passionate group of people—we’re passionate about producing quality products, and about being quality partners to our clients. For us, that’s the right way to do business, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. ... Read more


To be a provider of wholesome, sustainable food for our families and customers with a world-class team practicing ethics, integrity, and stewardship.... Read more


We aspire to operate in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated through our ethics, integrity, and stewardship.... Read more

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Our commitment to our team members isn’t just good for our people. It’s good for our whole company. Because creating an environment where people know they are valued helps team members fulfill their professional potential. And a workplace filled with motivated, satisfied team members increases productivity, yields, and profitability for the entire company.
We are deeply committed to helping every team member thrive and grow in their career here at Clemens Food Group.
To that end, we offer a number of career advancement programs and opportunities to keep staff members engaged in their work, involved in our larger vision, and working passionately toward their career goals.
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I will do the right thing.


Hatfield, PA


4,000 US Employees


Food / Beverages

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