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The City of Ontario is a dynamic leading and growing community in the Inland Empire with a variety of full-time and part-time employment and volunteer opportunities. Ontario is proud to have the reputation of being a progressive City providing solid leadership to its citizens and to the business community. The City provides a full range of services to the community including: Police, Fire, Management Services, Community Life & Culture, Community Development, Public Works, Financial Services, Human Resources/ Risk Management and the Ontario Municipal Utilities Company. The City's team is staffed with approximately 1,300 full-time and 250 part-time diverse and talented employees who work to support a common goal of providing excellent service to the community.... Read more


Our job is to create, maintain and grow economic value and we do our job by providing infrastructure and services. The better we do our job, the more investment we will attract and the more revenue it will generate for investment, creating a self-sustaining cycle.
Founded as a model colony, based on innovation, planned development, community services and family values, the City of Ontario has become the economic heart of the region. The City Council is committed to maintain Ontario’s leadership role in the Inland Empire, by continuing to invest in the growth and evolution of the area’s economy while providing a balance of jobs, housing, and educational and recreational opportunities or the residents in a safe, well-maintained community.
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A sustained, community-wide prosperity which continuously adds value and yields benefits.... Read more

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A Premier Community by Design
Everything the City does and every action the City takes should be done with this simple yet comprehensive theme in mind, from the design quality of our built environment to the intent of designing our socio-economic programs, to the way in which we govern as a community.

In discussing a Vision that would endure for the lifetime of The Ontario Plan (30 years or more), the City Council recognized that there are four components that serve as the basic building blocks that set the foundation for a unified and prosperous community. These foundational blocks must be expressed and widely accepted throughout the Plan’s lifetime. They are:

A Dynamic Stability that enables our community to confront the continued dynamic growth of the region and technological change with confidence and a sense of opportunity.

A Prosperous Economy that sustains the perception and reality of prosperity across our entire community that positively impacts all the people of Ontario and is broadly – though not uniformly – shared.

Distinctive Development that integrates our varied and diverse focal points, districts, centers, corridors, and neighborhoods to provide a feeling of coherence without sacrificing uniqueness.

Recognized Leadership in local governance that stimulates excellence and serves to unify the people of Ontario in support of best practices in conducting public endeavors.
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Be Committed to the Community
Whatever job you do, do it well!


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