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The City of Chaska's mission is to be the "best small town in Minnesota." Chaska, founded in 1852, has been a small town throughout its history. As the community grows, the City Council recognizes Chaska's strategic advantage by preserving its small town atmosphere.... Read more


To achieve its mission, the city established five core strategies:

Commitment to excellence, Enhance Chaska's high quality of life, Maintain a sense of community and small town values, Plan orderly community development, Quality, basic municipal services are provided

These strategies are intended to guide all key decisions made by the City Council and are to be incorporated into all city actions and projects.
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To be the best small town in Minnesota... Read more

Additional Culture Details

In addition to being guided by these key strategies, the City of Chaska is also guided by a set of core community values. Chaska's adopted Community Values include:

Human Worth and Dignity

These values create the foundation for what we have decided is important to us as a community, and form the basis for all decisions that are made by the City Council for our community.
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