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Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Chesapeake Plumbing and Heating, Inc. offers complete plumbing services to residential and commercial settings. Customers count on us for new construction, maintenance and repair services. We strive to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing the highest level of quality and service at a competitive price.

Most notably is our 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Customers are assured that if anytime during the first year their purchase does not meet expectations, Chesapeake will remove the unit and refund their money. This promise delivers peace of mind for customers who are replacing plumbing fixtures or upgrading to a tankless water heater system because they can return it for any reason in the first year, even for reasons unrelated to the product or service.

Chesapeake's customers can feel certain that our technicians to do the job right. Many service providers hire helpers, not trained professionals. Chesapeake is proud to have a staff of mater plumbers and credentialed supervisory and administrative staff.
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Additional Culture Details

Chesapeake is so committed to our Core Values that we hire and fire based upon them.

Our company culture is founded on our core values, and our team works hard to fully embrace and live by these values every day.Our core values are:
Embrace Change
No Excuses / Make it Happen!
Quality Workmanship

Our company employs the principles of Lean to eliminate waste, operate efficiently, provide value to our customer. This also supports the company's culture, because it inspires leadership and innovation. Every morning, teammates based in the office have a quick lean meeting to share metrics, cross departmental information and lean improvements. We take turns leading the meeting. The leader presents a short tip that helps us become leaner. Central to our daily operations is the notion of empowerment (vs a "top down" chain-of-command management structure. While we do collaborate, it isn't always efficient, or lean, to wait for approval or feedback. In these instances, we follow the process for empowerment that frees the employee to move forward without the company losing accountability for decisions employees make.

Is it right for the customer?
Is it right for our company?
Is it ethical?
Is it something for which you’re willing to be held accountable?
Is it consistent with the company's basic beliefs?
If your answer is YES to all 5 of these questions, don't ask - convey your intent to the team and make it happen!

Chesapeake is one of the most engaged companies because teammates feel supported and empowered to lead.
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Embrace Change
We understand that change is part of the job and is essential for continuous improvement.

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