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Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the largest independent information technology and business process services firm in the world. We deliver an end-to-end portfolio of high-end IT and business consulting services, systems integration and business and IT outsourcing services. CGI's client proximity model, best-fit global delivery network and intellectual property solutions help clients accelerate results and digitally transform their organizations. CGI’s track record of on-time, on-budget delivery is rooted in our quality and management processes. CGI's full-service offering includes: Application Services, Business Consulting, Business Process Services, Infrastructure Services, IT Outsourcing Services and Systems Integration Services. As a demonstration of our commitment, our client satisfaction scores consistently average 9 out of 10.

To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of
To be a global world class information technology and business process services leader helping our clients succeed.
To help our clients succeed through outstanding quality, competence and objectivity, providing thought leadership and delivering the best services and solutions to fully satisfy client objectives in information technology, business processes and management. In all we do, we foster a culture of partnership, intrapreneurship, teamwork and integrity, building a global world class information technology and business process services company.
Additional Culture Details
At CGI, our people come first. We call our employees members to reinforce that all who join CGI are part of a collaborative team of owners empowered to drive the business and share in the rewards that come from building a world-class company. Our members are given a say in the management of CGI through the member focused processes outlined as part of our Management Foundation frame, called the Member Partner Management Framework (MPMF). The framework was founded on a simple and original idea we call the CGI dream: “To create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of.”
To quantify the success of the MPMF, we operate a measurement program we believe is unique in the industry. While many companies conduct anonymous employee satisfaction surveys, our experience is that this alone loses the quality dialogue of a small company. Therefore, we have established a practice where members interact with managers and conduct “their performance review of the company” before taking CGI’s member satisfaction survey, called the Member Satisfaction Assessment Program (MSAP).
Our members are well connected with management and are involved in the decision-making processes through different forums. One such forum, called the Voice of the Member Survey, provides members the ability to comment on a wide variety of topics and initiatives from CGI’s strategic direction, client interactions and career development. They also are able to communicate directly with leadership through quarterly Town Hall meetings held at the strategic business unit level. CGI has a very unique tradition that dates back to our founding in 1976, called the Annual Tour. The Annual Tour is an event that brings together, leaders and members, to launch our business plans. It is also the ideal opportunity for members, as owners, to discuss the company’s performance and priorities for the coming year. Roughly 80% of our members are CGI shareholders, reflecting how these beliefs and processes impact CGI members to share in the life of the company and be a part of the company’s success and future growth.
Members can also virtually communicate and network with leadership and peers via CynerGI, CGI’s intranet and social media platform. CynerGI serves as the single knowledge platform for communication and collaboration among all global CGI members and enables members to access company updates as well as participate in online affinity groups and discussion boards. The CynerGI application hub is an online resource that encourages members across the globe to interact using digital tours and resources. Each member can create their own profile with pictures, updates and follow topics of interest. The site contains local and global news, the ability to have online conversations, blog and follow interesting topics.
CGI is committed to strengthening the health and wellness of all members by encouraging the adoption of behaviors that foster a strong work/life balance. With the support of the CGI Executive team, we have established a global health and wellness program named Oxygen. Oxygen is part of the HR spectrum and is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of health experts who support our employees in their efforts to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The program is at the forefront of best practices in the field of workplace health and wellness. Oxygen aims to:
•    Increase member engagement in a healthier lifestyle
•    Improve the overall health and wellness of members
•    Improve the retention and engagement of members.
The Oxygen program provides global, national and local activities and services designed to help employees better understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to take steps toward improving their health and well-being.
CGI values member mobility and professional development. To support members’ career mobility and learning goals, CGI’s internal Workforce Management group helps members find new internal opportunities when they are ready for new assignments. CGI encourages members to develop Personal Development Plans to formalize professional goals and reinforce learning through experiential, social and formal learning. CGI offers a range of onsite and online technical and business training classes from multiple resources available to all members. CGI encourages advancement of our members’ education through a formal tuition assistance program. Members can apply to receive up to $5,250 per year toward degree program expenses with accredited colleges and universities.
CGI members are thought leaders throughout the industries and technologies we support with our clients. We encourage professional certification by providing reimbursement for membership and testing expenses.
Through a U.S. Member 2 Member learning and development program, members train others on various areas of technical and business expertise. To support social learning, CGI offers formal and informal mentoring programs, as well as affinity groups, including a Women’s Forum, Pride@CGI (LGBTQ+), and specialized technology groups.
We expanded our mentoring programs in 2019 to include speed mentoring and business development. We are also developing an automated mentor matching tool to create stronger professional development connections. CGI’s culture of transparency, learning, mobility and career advancement is among the best in the business and a culture of which we are very proud. Our dedicated health and wellness program reinforces our positive environment and supports the well-being, retention and engagement of our members. While most companies have a vision and mission, CGI goes a step beyond. We have a company dream: to create an environment in which we enjoy working together and, as owners, contribute to building a company we can be proud of. When people join CGI, they aren’t just joining another company; they are truly becoming part of the CGI family.

Diversity & Inclusion are embedded into CGI’s global DNA and is built into our six core values as a company under the value of “Respect”, which is defined as follows: “In all we do, we are respectful of our fellow members, clients, business partners and competitors. As a global company, we recognize the richness that diversity brings to the company and welcome this diversity while embracing the overall CGI business culture.” In the U.S. D&I committees consisting of senior leaders are in place to advance diversity and inclusion at CGI through three main areas of focus: representation, inclusion and outreach. Grassroots employee resource groups are embraced and several have formed including CGI’s Women’s Forum and Pride@CGI: a group for LGBTQ+ member and their allies. Each year CGI celebrates International Women’s Day with a variety of events and awareness campaigns. Last year, the Women of CGI campaign showcased the successes of women at all levels of the organization and received 1 million LinkedIn impressions. STEM@CGI hosts camps across the U.S. with a focus on underrepresented populations in STEM. So far, the program has reached over 7,000 students. Diversity and inclusion education is also important to CGI. Online inclusive leadership training has been launched through our Leadership Learning Center and Unconscious Bias sessions have been hosted at the manager and member level. We are also embedding inclusion into our talent review process to accelerate the exposure of less visible high performing members. Diversity and Inclusion are not treated as separate functions of the company. Instead, Diversity and Inclusion is baked into each and every program we offer.
Partnership and Quality: For us, partnership and quality are both a philosophy and a way of life. We constantly deepen our understanding of our clients' business and we develop and follow the best management practices. We entrench these approaches into client relationship and service delivery frameworks in order to foster long term and strong partnerships with our clients. We listen to our clients and we are committed to their total satisfaction in everything we do.
Objectivity and Integrity: We exercise the highest degree of independent thinking in selecting the products, services and solutions we recommend to clients. In doing so, we adhere to the highest values of quality, objectivity and integrity. We do not accept any remuneration from suppliers. We always act honestly and ethically. We never seek to gain undue advantages and we avoid conflicts of interest, whether real or perceived
Intrapreneurship and Sharing: Our collective success is based on our competence, commitment and enthusiasm. We promote a culture of innovation and initiative where we are empowered with a sense of ownership in supporting clients, thus ensuring our profitable growth. Through teamwork, sharing our know-how and expertise across our global operations, we bring the best of CGI to our clients. As members, we share in the value we create through equity ownership and profit participation.
Respect: In all we do, we are respectful of our fellow members, clients, business partners and competitors. As a global company, we recognize the richness that diversity brings to the company and welcome this diversity while embracing the overall CGI business culture
Financial Strength: We strive to deliver strong, consistent financial performance which sustains long term growth and benefits both members and shareholders. Financial strength enables us to continuously invest in our members’ capabilities, our services and our business solutions to the benefits our clients. To this end, we manage our business to generate industry superior returns
Corporate Social Responsibility: Our business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our clients and communities. As members, we embrace our social responsibilities and contribute to the continuous development of the communities in which we live and work.
Fairfax, VA
12700 US Employees


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