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Century A/C Supply is based in Texas with headquarters in Houston. RUUD is the product line that is sold in Houston and surrounding areas. York is the product line that is sold in more northern and central part of Texas. We are a wholesale distributor providing HVAC equipment, parts and supplies to our customers. We verify the contractor servicing your A/C has the equipment they need to get the job done. Our mission is to be an employee-driven company providing customers service beyond expectations.

Since we are employee driven company, we believe that employee development is key to our success and our customers. We are members of HARDI (Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International) recognized as a Top 50 Distributor. We have also been recognized in Houston Chronicle's Top 100 Companies in 2015 and 2017. Our goal is to also be recognized this year!

Empowered employees providing exceptional service
We are an employee-driven company providing service to customers beyond expectation!
Additional Culture Details
Century is driven by the “Gung-Ho” philosophy, a book by Ken Blanchard. We adopted this philosophy in 1998. The Gung Ho! values are those that have been passed down through generations of Native Americans and involve three cornerstones that are surprisingly simple, yet amazingly powerful. “The Spirit of the Squirrel” represents worthwhile work. The idea is to make the world a better place while working toward a shared goal, allowing values to guide all plans, decisions, and actions. “The Way of the Beaver” is being in control of achieving the goal! The playing field is clearly marked and we listen to and act on thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams. Employees are able but challenged. And last but not least is “The Gift of the Goose”, representing cheering each other on. This cornerstone encourages giving one another true congratulations without taking score. Our employees and this philosophy are what make Century a continued success!
Responsive: Living the Responsive Core Value is being quick to react, having a sense of urgency to issues and acknowledgment of taking work to the next level.
Dependable: Living the Dependable Core Value is being undeniably reliable and trustworthy.
Gung Ho: The Gung Ho Core Value is embodying the company's cultures of the Gift of the Goose, the Spirit of the Squirrel and the Way of the Beaver.
Committed: The Committed Core Value is to continually grow, improve, complete tasks and achieve goals in all aspects of the job to make the department working at it's best.
Exceptional Service: Living the Exceptional Service Core Value is going above and beyond the expected service and always finding a way to say yes.
Houston, TX
328 US Employees
HVAC Wholesale Distribution


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