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Doing good science is important. So is just doing good.

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) is a different kind of life sciences company—one founded, owned, and run by active research scientists, with the highest standards of product and service quality, technological innovation, and scientific rigor for over 20 years. We consistently provide fellow scientists around the globe with best-in-class products and services to fuel their quests for discovery. We are a global company of 694 employees and growing across the United States, China, Japan, and the Netherlands.
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CST is a private, family-owned company dedicated to providing the world's highest quality, innovative research products to accelerate biological understanding.... Read more


We are a company founded by scientists for scientists. Our people motivate us to do better and be better at work and in the world around us. Social responsibility is a high priority for us, and our employees don’t take that responsibility lightly. Every day, we strive to improve ourselves for our customers and our communities.... Read more


Helping researchers find new solutions is our main mission every day but it's not our only mission. We're also dedicated to helping identify solutions to other problems facing our world. We believe that all businesses must be responsible and work in partnership with local communities, while seeking to minimize their environmental impact. That's why we joined 1% for the Planet as its first life science member, and have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2029.

At CST, we believe in the power and promise of science to solve the challenges we face as a global community. We’re a company of caring people driven by a devotion to facilitating good science—a company committed to doing the right thing for our Customers, our communities, and our planet.
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Additional Culture Details

People are our most important asset. CST believes in creating a safe, inclusive, and stimulating work environment where everyone is welcome. Through our weekly visiting scientist lecture series and employee development and recognition programs, we continue to grow and develop as people and professionals. We are proud to offer onsite community gardens, rotating art exhibits, individual and team volunteering opportunities, wellness programs as well as social events and philanthropy programs to ensure employees are engaged.... Read more


Innovative Science
We believe in the power and promise of science to solve the challenges we face as a global community.


Danvers, MA


545 US Employees



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What employees are saying

I feel like we make a positive difference in peoples lives by enabling researchers the ability to develop new treatments

CST takes care of its employees

I care about my coworkers and feel like I'm part of a team. I believe in the values of CST and want to show the world that a company can be a good, ethical corporate citizen and still compete in the marketplace.

I sincerely enjoy the function of my role

My work/life balance is perfect, while having a career I am truly proud of

I care about my colleagues and what CST stands for

I enjoy the company of my coworkers and having the opportunity to with them to produce something tangible.

Excellent work life balance, benefits a and interesting work

I can be creative.

I get to work with a great team who cares about our customers and does the job for the right reasons.

My job provides me a lot of flexibility to work at my own pace and acknowledges that I am a human with a life outside of work. My work is engaging and challenging, but I also know my manager is supportive and will listen when and if the challenge becomes too much. I feel confident to speak up when I need to.

I get to make a difference in customer's research, and get to collaborate with many different departments and people at CST.

CST has great values, gives back to the community, and allows employees to do so as well. I feel like I'm contributing to furthering scientific research and giving back to the community working here. I have a flexible schedule that allows for me to have a great work/life balance. CST trusts its employees to get the expected work done and uses fair metrics to measure performance rather than over monitoring a daily schedule.

I feel like I am making a positive impact within the scientific community

I am able to do what I love to do with the support I need.

My leader and team is amazing, supportive, so smart - the best! All of the leaders I work with genuinely care about their employees which makes me really enjoy my job and want to do really well.

I am challenged daily

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