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Carnegie Learning Inc

Carnegie Learning is a transformational education company focused on delivering better learning to all teachers and students. Through research-proven software, textbooks, and professional development and data analysis services, Carnegie Learning is helping students to succeed in math as a gateway to graduation, college, and the 21st century workforce. Carnegie Learning, headquartered in downtown Pittsburgh, is the sole source provider of MATHia® Software for students in grades 6–12 and Mika™ Software for college students in need of developmental math support. Carnegie Learning®, MATHia®, and Mika™ are registered trademarks of Carnegie Learning, Inc.... Read more


We are committed to making CL the kind of company you have always wanted to work for: where the larger team is everything; trying new things (and sometimes failing) is encouraged; and where the mission is never lost.... Read more


To become North America’s leading K–12 learning company for comprehensive math, literacy & world languages instruction rooted in the science of learning.... Read more


Carnegie Learning is a comprehensive, dynamic, and progressive learning technology company. Advocating a belief in teaching and determination to help students develop as learners and thinkers, Carnegie Learning is seeking to redefine the role of technology across the K-12 landscape.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Carnegie Learning, we aren't just advocates of change, we're activists for it. We work side by side with teachers to help enable and accelerate success in the classroom, and watch students take flight. At the same time, we're also committed to making Carnegie Learning the kind of company we've always wanted to work for. One where the larger team is everything, trying new things (and sometimes failing) is encouraged, and the mission is never lost.... Read more


We value Collaboration, Innovation, Community, Transparency, Learning and Action
Professional development through goal setting and continuous learning opportunities, and unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering all employees


Pittsburgh, PA


457 US Employees


Primary / Secondary Schools

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