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We at CareCentrix know that our work matters and that we make a difference. We take pride in what we do and truly believe that our most valuable assets are our employees. We have a terrific team and are always looking to add great people as we build on our foundation and take the company to the next level.

Who We Are: CareCentrix is committed to making the home the center of patient care. With more than 20 years of experience working with payors and providers to create programs that improve quality and lower costs, CareCentrix allows patients to heal or age where they want to be: at home. CareCentrix manages care for 26 million members through over 8,000 provider locations. Through advanced analytics and tech-enabled care, CareCentrix helps determine the appropriate site for post-acute care, and provides support and coordination for patients and their families throughout care transitions, including to and from Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and through Home Health, Home DME, Home Infusion, Home Sleep services, and Palliative Illness Management. For more information, please visit

CareCentrix is committed to making the home the center of patient care.
A world where anyone can heal or age at home.
We improve patients' lives by delivering innovative home health solutions that produce better outcomes and reduce overall costs through partnerships with providers and payors.
Additional Culture Details
At CareCentrix, we take pride in what we do and truly believe that our most valuable assets are our employees. We pride ourselves on the talented staff who work here, and are constantly looking to add the very best talent to our organization. We grow as an organization as a result of our talented team.

CareCentrix has a Voice of the Employee Team (VOE), comprising of approximately 30 team members from across the company charged with making CareCentrix an even better place to work or continue to shape the organization’s culture. The area of focus is on the following: having fun, health & wellness initiatives, and community service opportunities, encouraging cross team interaction and offering personal and professional development opportunities.
We do the right thing.
We uphold the highest standards of integrity. We do what we say we're going to do. We empower our teams to challenge the status quo, and then expect engagement and proactivity in return. Using facts and data, we are results-oriented; we are finishers. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and take ownership for our work.
We care.
We are not our job, title or role. We are fathers and sons, mothers and daughters. We think about how our actions will affect our patients, providers and employees. We look out for each other and always assume positive intent. We approach our roles with positivity while at the same time confronting reality. We are humbled that our actions have an impact on peoples' lives and take this responsibility extremely seriously. For us, it's personal.
We strive for excellence.
We never settle; "adequate" is never acceptable. We work with a sense of urgency. We aim high with our goals, and consistently do more than is expected. We challenge ourselves and focus on continuous improvement. We listen at a deeper level; see beyond what is before us. We believe unconditionally in our teams and know that together, we will overcome challenges and achieve success.
We think BIG.
We strive to define our marketplace, not just react to it. While we will never lose sight of driving efficiencies, we also have the capacity to positively impact the broader healthcare system. We set lofty but attainable goals and offer opportunities for employees to thrive. We take healthy risks. We are agents of change. We forgive missteps when intentions are honorable. We support those who come forward with original ideas, whether or not they fit into an existing framework.
We take our work seriously, not ourselves.
We believe that the best work is done in an environment that is energized and enjoyable. With a sense of humor and humility, we work hard and then savor our teams' successes, whether big or small. We give ourselves permission to "make fun" at work; we are not stuffy. We encourage healthy debate. We recognize the contribution of every employee irrespective of title or position. We genuinely enjoy what we do.
Hartford, CT
2,084 US Employees
Health Care


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