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Canyon State Electric

Canyon State Electric (CSE) is a family-owned business headquartered in Phoenix that has served Arizona and the Southwest Region as the premier electrical contractor since 1978. Founded by Steve Maderazzo, CSE has significantly grown in those 43 years. Today CSE is run by Stephanie Hughes Co-CEO/COO and Christopher Maderazzo, Co-CEO/CBDO. The company currently has over 130 employees – and is hiring! CSE offers top notch innovative design and electrical installation services for commercial businesses and institutional facilities. The CSE teams work closely with their clients to build cost-effective electrical solutions and deliver high-quality results at every construction phase. CSE is a member of the Arizona Builders Alliance and is very active in their community, supporting various charities throughout the year.... Read more


Canyon State Electric’s welcoming and inclusive culture is palpable in every aspect of the business -- from the day-to-day operations to beyond the workday. As a family-owned business, CSE created a work environment that feels like a family - where every team member is appreciated, supported, and heard. CSE’s strong commitment to their culture supports their employees in their personal goals, further education and through regular employee appreciation and incentive programs.... Read more


With CSE’s inspiring company culture integrated throughout all segments of their
business; CSE’s vision is to create a space that feels like a family -- ensuring
team members know they are valued and supported within their roles and as
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CSE’s mission is to teach and train their employees, to nurture strong teams and
a work environment that is in line with the company’s goals, continuously
delivering excellent results for their clients’ projects and propel the company
forward to leading the industry.
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Canyon State Electric Values
Canyon State Electric’s core values are quality, efficiency, safety and security, trust, communication, respect, innovation, consistency, and family. These values are the backbone of the great work environment that we built. All team members, at every level, understand these values and put them into action every day, which is essential for our culture internally, as well as for the positive mindset when working in the field.


Phoenix, AZ


132 US Employees



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