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Charity Advertising & Marketing Partners is a direct marketing and fundraising firm. We're dedicated to securing donors and funding programs that fight poverty and educate children around the world. We also represent a variety of the largest Fortune 500 companies providing long-term, cost-effective solutions for their customer acquisition and retention. Last year our organization generated over 200 million is projected revenue for our clients.... Read more


Our purpose is to be the interpersonal connection between our clients and their customers or donors. ... Read more


Our vision is: to be not only the best, but the biggest name in face to face direct marketing. ... Read more


Our mission is: not to do extraordinary things, but to do ordinary things extraordinarily well; and never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn't, couldn't, or haven't done yourself. ... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Why settle for a good attitude, when you have have a great one. This ethos thrives within our company culture. Beyond our professional responsibilities, we're always looking to improve our attitude and the attitudes of those around us. To that end, we hold an impact meeting each day about something positive and inspiring. Since positive people tend to be outgoing, we're often organizing company outings around the city; often twice a week or more. We believe that getting to know your team outside of the office provides a chance to know each other as people and work better together.
We often have team members come in early or stay late not because they asked to but because they love our environment. Sometimes we have to kick people out, just so we can close for the day!
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Dallas, TX


140 US Employees


Direct Marketing

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