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Helping the world be "BUG FREE & HAPPY!" ®

The Bulwark Exterminating family was founded in 1999 by the "Big B" Bart Seever and his three sons, Aaron, Adam, & Dan. This beginning is represented in the Bulwark logo today as three squares and B for Bart. Family is everything for Bulwark. The owners and leaders take on the responsibility to provide for all of the 900+ families employed at Bulwark. The technician and service representatives take on the responsibility of providing a bug free and happy home to all the 100,000+ families Bulwark serves. Bulwark is a service company that humbly serves and cares for all within the family; employees, customers, partners, and owners.

The growing Bulwark family is now servicing the following: Flagstaff, Show Low, Tucson, Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte, NC; St. George, Salt Lake City, UT; Tulsa, OK; Atlanta, GA; Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin, TX; Seattle, WA; Kansas City, MO; Knoxville, TN; Greenville, NC
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Pest control by the numbers. Bulwark's purpose is to measure and reward by the numbers so that all parties involved will win and progress is earned.

Bulwark believes in equal exchange of value. Customers want a bug free and safe home. If Bulwark provides a customer with this bug free home, then Bulwark expects them in return to pay for the services rendered. The work performed has a value and the money exchanged has a value. Employees want to be paid for their efforts. Bulwark wants employees to give their best efforts. To make that exchange fair, Bulwark strives to measure and reward employees equal to the amount of effort they put into their work. When the quality of work is measured, the employee providing higher quality is rewarded, and the customer gains more by receiving the highest quality of work available, then the employee, customer, and company all win.

In the words of Adam Seever, "If it is measured it will improve. If it is not measured, then the highest level cannot be achieved."
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Lift yourself and those around you. Bulwark's leadership model builds others through L.I.F.T. (L - Love. I - Invite. F - Follow-up. T - Thanks.)

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What employees are saying

I love my job because they take notice for Hardwork. I believe I have the best managers in the industry. Bulwark allows you to be flexible with your hours because they believe in family first. The communication between all departments reflects teamwork.

I love my job because I feel that it’s more than a job. It’s a career that allows for growth no matter where you are on the totem pole of the business. There’s always a chance to grow, to advance, to become what you’ve always wanted to be. This company doesn’t put limits on your growth and if you need to leave for a time because of health or personal issues they don’t let that be a stumbling block when you return.

It allows me to work with many different personalities in many different areas of the company. I get to see leaders in their style of leadership and help them foster a positive culture within their perspective branches.

It truly feels like a family environment.

Managers and other employees are extremely helpful.

I love the atmosphere and knowing that I help our customers feel comfortable in their homes.

The job has given me independence. I have never had a job where I feel that I am accomplishing my goals but also helping to keep the company advancing in a direction they want to go.

Work with great people providing a truly great service. And get paid well of course:)

My managers are easy to understand and they understand me well also. They are friendly, considerate, always encourage me to do my best and make me feel appreciated.

The people I work with and my customers make this a great working experience to get up to everyday.

My Boss treats me like a Human not a statistic. I am able to innovate to build new work flows to improve the general process of day to day tasks for my Co workers.

It allows me to stay home with my children. I still get to make money for my family while raising my children my own.

Everyone is so loving and caring. Thank you For everything! Bulwark is a family and i love it here!

I get to do the things I enjoy every day. I'm am challenged and appreciated for the work I do.

I can work the hours that fit into my busy schedule and my co-workers are friendly and helpful should I forget something or need a little more help with a particular call/task.

Because I get to go to work every day knowing that I am thought of cared for and appreciated and at a place that always takes care of the customers and employees.

It allows me to take care of my family with the freedom of time managing ourselves

I feel valued, rewarded and challenged to perform at a higher level each year.

Company Snapshots

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