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Blueprint Medicines is a global, fully integrated biopharmaceutical company that invents life-changing medicines. We seek to alleviate human suffering by solving important medical problems in two core focus areas: allergy/inflammation and oncology/hematology. Our approach begins by targeting the root causes of disease, using deep scientific knowledge in our core focus areas and drug discovery expertise across multiple therapeutic modalities. We have a proven track record of success with two approved medicines, including bringing our medicine to patients with systemic mastocytosis (SM) in the U.S. and Europe. Leveraging our established research, development, and commercial capability and infrastructure, we now aim to significantly scale our impact by advancing a broad pipeline of programs ranging from early science to advanced clinical trials in mast cell diseases including SM and chronic urticaria, breast cancer and other solid tumors.... Read more


At Blueprint Medicines, our patients are people with lives and families, hopes and dreams, birthdays, weddings, hobbies and interests. We know many of them by name and we know their stories. We show up every day, driven by the commitment of delivering the most precious gift available to our patients: time and freedom to lead healthier, longer lives without fear, illness or limitations. The opportunity to change the course of people’s lives is what fuels the fire within us to explore, experiment, persist and deliver.... Read more


Our approach starts by focusing on understanding the genetic drivers of disease, then designing and optimizing highly selective compounds based on these mechanisms. We select precise patient populations to study—using genetic markers and biomarkers, so that we can generate meaningful clinical data. Together, these approaches increase our chances of success for creating medicines that have transformative outcomes for patients.

Our strategy has enabled us to move fast: in a little more than 10 years, we have developed and launched 2 medicines across 6 indications. These medicines are being delivered, either directly through us or through collaborations and partnerships, to patients around the world. Over the next 5 years, we plan to double our current impact.

Our ambition is bold, and we are relentless in our determination.

Our Blueprint is the goal of improving and extending life through precision medicine. What’s yours?
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We seek to alleviate human suffering with life-changing medicines.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We’re better TOGETHER. There is no room for silos here at Blueprint Medicines. Connection and collaboration across disciplines is critical to accomplishing our mission. Creating space for diverse perspectives and backgrounds makes us stronger because we are more creative and more successful when fresh voices are part of the conversation. We’re thoughtful in our interactions, respectful toward one another and we always assume positive intent.

We live COURAGE and INTEGRITY. We are never ones to back down from a challenge and when we see an opportunity to make a difference, we go for it. Taking risks, pushing boundaries and defying obstacles are key to achieving great things at Blueprint Medicines. Doing the right thing and setting a high bar puts the promise of precision medicine in our hands, which is why we own our decisions and admit our mistakes. We celebrate our wins and see failures as learning opportunities. Admitting when we don’t know something is the pathway to discovery – we are lifelong learners at heart.

We are HUMAN. In order to remain focused on what matters most – providing time to our patients – we believe in showing up as we are and embracing our imperfections. When we’re true to ourselves and empowered to lead, we learn more and go farther. We think on our feet and make critical decisions quickly, and no matter your role or title, you’re encouraged to take risks, make decisions and pave your path.
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Patients First
We remember, first and foremost, that the quality of life of our patients – and those who love them – both now and in the future – are why we’re here.


Cambridge, MA


600 US Employees



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