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Blackrock Neurotech

The global leader in brain-computer interface (BCI technology), Blackrock Neurotech pioneered the implantable neurotech space with brain tech that restores function in people with paralysis and neurological disorders like ALS and epilepsy. Our BCI technology is in humans now – our patients have been able to move and feel again, type, make music, even create art. In addition to BCIs, we build implantable tools and microelectronics that diagnose and treat neurological disorders as well as research tools that have empowered thousands of published studies and groundbreaking innovations at hundreds of institutions around the world.... Read more


Our purpose is simple: We want people with neurological disorders to walk, talk, see, hear, and feel again.... Read more


Our vision is to build a company that provides innovative tools and neurotech expertise to translate technology into novel implantable clinical solutions that improve human lives.... Read more


Blackrock provides implantable microsystems to enable neuroscience research and empower innovative clinical solutions. We provide technical expertise and practical know-how in devising solutions and translating them into clinical reality. We are driven to help patients restore function and regain independence.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

At Blackrock, our people make the difference. Our culture is driven by transparency, respect,
and innovative thinking. For the Blackrock team, diversity is the art of thinking independently
... Read more


Respect, earned and given, everyone.


Salt Lake City, UT


212 US Employees



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