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BH Management’s roots date back to 1993 when Harry Bookey formed the company with a roster of just five apartment communities. Today, our founder continues to lead the firm, serving as inspiration for its 2,300-plus employees. With revenues now surpassing $1 billion annually, BH Companies has come a long way in a short time. What may be less obvious, however, is how we got here. Our guiding principles are simple and direct. First, invest in employees—they are the front line of our team and the foundation of our success. Second, go above and beyond to satisfy customers. If we do our job well, renters become long-term residents, directly impacting profitability. As a result, we are ever vigilant about the interests of partners and clients, carefully balancing dollars invested against anticipated return. By adhering to these guidelines, BH Companies has enjoyed continuous growth and outstanding performance for well over a decade.... Read more


With the guiding principles of integrity, teamwork and personal service, we provide innovative property management solutions that create opportunities for our team members, enhance quality of life for our residents and maximize returns for our investors.... Read more

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Our Guiding Principles...
Team Members:
•    We value providing quality jobs and job opportunities for our employees; therefore, we select the best employees and provide them with the tools and training to be successful.
•    We believe BH cares and respects its team members; therefore, we provide career paths and competitive benefits.
•    We value friendship and comradery; therefore, we ensure that all of our interactions are respectful, positive and foster teamwork.
•    We believe that BH is unique in the high quality of its team members; therefore, we provide superior service which results in longevity and continued organizational growth.

Creating Value:
•    We believe in creating value for our investors; therefore, we operate assets to maximum performance levels and provide superior evaluations and recommendations for asset positioning.

Doing Business the Right Way:
•    We believe in protecting our investors’ interests; therefore, we practice the highest levels of ethical standards in all of our business dealings.
•    We believe our residents should have a quality home environment; therefore, we provide superior management services and we set high, measurable performance and custom service standards.

•    We value innovative programs and systems that set BH apart in the industry; therefore, we will encourage and foster our team members throughout the organization to share unique ideas and suggestions.

•    We value workplace stability for employees; therefore, we continually develop job skills and promote opportunities to learn, grow and advance and align ourselves with long-term partners.

•    We believe that “family” has a broader meaning than those living in the same home; therefore, we encourage interaction through resident activities.
•    We believe in caring property management; therefore, we provide our teams the training, tools and resources needed to provide our residents with outstanding service.
•    We believe in creating a lifestyle at our communities; therefore, we offer unique, quality amenities and services.
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Des Moines, IA


2,300 US Employees


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