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Backed by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world - American Express, Goldman Sachs, Kleiner Perkins, Ally Financial and Citigroup, to name a few, is a one of the fastest growing home ownership companies in the country.

Using machine learning, took apart the home-financing ecosystem, step-by-step, automating it through machine learning to make it more efficient and reliable. Customers are able to upload and eSign documents, have instant access to affordable lending discounts, and receive recommendations on the right mortgage products for them. We prioritize the consumer experience through instant loan estimates, honest rate quotes and 24-hour verified pre-approvals--all supported by loan consultants who, crucially, don’t work for commissions, meaning they have no incentive to push people into mortgages they can’t truly afford.

We currently generate $600M a month in home loans. In the last year alone, we’ve funded $1.3B in loans, hired 550 employees, opened two new offices in California, opened one new office in Charlotte, NC, and moved headquarters to the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan.
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Additional Culture Details

We believe the perks — free lunch, unlimited PTO— are exciting at first, but ultimately, what keeps people happy and motivated is when they not only have an understanding of the company vision, but also an opportunity to help change, shape and develop the work we’re doing. Therefore, one of the most crucial components of our business is a culture of innovation, where everyone is tasked with being an innovator and all ideas are welcome, regardless of your rank or department. Not everyone in an organization has access to the same information, so it makes sense to seek input on problems (not just solutions) from a diverse group and each of us is tasked with finding solutions to better the homeownership journey, from start to finish.

We also abide by a “recognition economy” to maintain and encourage “bull by the horns" thinking and innovation. We are very intentional about awarding people who have gone above and beyond what's required of them in their role; those who have been stellar cross-functional collaborators, creating bridges across teams around the firm, or those who've raised their hand to mentor and train new people. In addition to performance bonuses, three employees a month get awarded a “Crushing It” award, with a personalized gift to recognize these characteristics. Last summer, one art aficionado received tickets and a flight to Art Basel and another got tickets and a flight to see the Arsenal FC.

In summary, we believe that in order to develop an effective company culture, people must be at the center. Happy, supported people are productive; and productivity leads to revenue. Therefore, will continue to adapt to ensure our employees feel supported and empowered.
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New York, NY


2,020 US Employees


Mortgage Lending

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