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Our mission is to inspire and equip today’s parents, families and communities to raise capable, caring, contributing children. We accomplish this through the combination of parent education, foster care services and individualized parent, child & family counseling services. We also believe it takes a village to raise strong children, so we partner with schools, pediatricians, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations to achieve our mission.
We aspire to help create a world where parents and communities lovingly invest in every child to identify, cultivate and apply their unique gifts. We believe that all parents love their children and want the best for them, and we all need help along the way. We have a philosophy and practice of intentional, strength-based, mindful parenting that gives parents what they need to identify, nurture, and guide the best in themselves and their children.
Come, learn, and grow with us. For you. For your family. For your community.
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Natural Strength Parenting™ encourages adults to be intentional and mindful in their parenting and caring for children, while focusing on the child’s innate strengths. Building on their strengths will increase their confidence, self-esteem and resilience all which lead to a positive well-being.... Read more


A world where every child is nurtured to discover, cultivate and apply their natural gifts.... Read more


Inspiring and equipping today’s parents, families, and communities to raise capable, caring, contributing children.... Read more


We ensure that our words, actions and practices are congruent and consistent with our BAPC mission, vision and values.


Cincinnati, OH


160 US Employees


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