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Beaird Harris is a Certified Public Accounting and fee-only Wealth Management Firm dedicated to helping financially established individuals, families, businesses and healthcare professionals navigate complex tax regulations and develop comprehensive wealth management solutions. Beaird Harris offers tax, accounting, business consulting, business advisory, investment management, financial planning, and retirement plan services.

Beaird Harris, PLLC and Beaird Harris Wealth Management, LLC are affiliates who operate in a collaborative team environment under the enterprise name of Beaird Harris. We believe clients are best served when all facets of finance and taxes are viewed holistically. While clients are not required to use both firms, many value the simplicity of working with a single enterprise to integrate tax and wealth management for a fully coordinated solution.
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Through trusted counsel and a relentless work ethic, we will empower generations of individuals, families and businesses to help build and retain wealth, mitigate taxes, simplify their financial lives and achieve greater peace of mind.... Read more


Our mission is to simplify the complex and instill confidence by delivering the highest quality, integrated tax and wealth management services to financially established individuals, families, businesses and healthcare professionals. We are committed to:

-Adhering to the highest fiduciary standards of integrity and care
-Applying academic research, hands-on expertise and best practices to mitigate risk
-Working in close collaboration to simplify the tax, financial planning and investment processes
-Providing you with clarity, energy and momentum toward attaining your business and personal financial goals
-Helping you minimize taxes and effectively navigate complex tax regulations
-Helping you maximize your personal assets and reduce your overall financial stress
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Additional Culture Details

At Beaird Harris, our culture is a direct reflection of our clients. Every action we take, every capability we build and every skill we develop is the result of listening intently to your stories, your dreams, and your goals.

We seek out the best and the brightest team players and empower them to use their intellect, insights and empathy to foster a culture where INTEGRITY is the fulcrum that propels our business. Unlike many competitors, ours is a culture of collaboration rather than competition. Here, you’re a client of our entire firm (not just a single adviser) with a deep team of knowledgeable experts on your side.

We’re devoted to the rare union of insightful expertise and competency, combined with the clarity that can only be gained through integrated tax and financial planning. It’s a culture of trust and service excellence in which we take tremendous pride.
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We do the right thing, no matter what the cost.
We always deliver on our promises.
We always tell our clients (and each other) the truth.

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