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Bates White Economic Consulting

Bates White is an economic consulting firm that is regularly tapped by government agencies, law firms, and corporations to help navigate issues of competition, damages and liability, public policy, and more. The firm provides advanced economic, financial, and econometric analysis and testimony in a range of disciplines and industries including antitrust and competition, energy, finance, healthcare, life sciences, mass torts, and more.... Read more


Bates White Economic Consulting provides analysis, advisory services, and testimony to help law firms, government agencies, and corporations navigate issues of competition, damages and liability, mass torts, public policy, and other matters.... Read more


To be the firm of choice for clients with complex economic challenges and to be the employer of choice for individuals seeking an intellectual, creative, and empowering environment to grow and develop careers.... Read more


To collaborate with clients to address complex, data-intensive issues in a collegial and respectful work environment that creates a positive and high-quality experience for our clients, employees, and the community.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Bates White is a place where people are passionate, empowered, engaged, and excited to come to work every day. An environment where individual perspectives are encouraged and respected. A place where we help solve challenging problems for our clients , enjoy sharing personal interests with our colleagues, have opportunities to grow careers, and give back to the community.... Read more


Honesty and integrity
Bates White is open and transparent, sharing information with colleagues and clients, while respecting confidentiality obligations. We strive to be objective, factual, and candid in everything we do. We provide professional expertise and fulfill client obligations without bias.

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