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Autovol is the first factory of its kind. Our people, who we call Solutioneers, build multifamily affordable housing with robotic automation doing the heavy lifting. Our Solutioneers constantly innovate to find ever smarter building and manufacturing methods. By taking manufacturing, construction, and automation to a new level, Autovol is "making smart construction brilliant."... Read more


Autovol is the first factory of its kind. We're using automation in new ways that increase quality, reduce cost, and speed up completion of affordable housing. We're also using automation to take the heavy lifting out of construction, and empowering our Solutioneers to put more of their brainpower into their careers. Autovol believes in being thoughtful and purposeful in everything we do, including innovation in our culture and work environment. We're careful to let our people choose our people and create a family atmosphere where all Solutioneers feel they can be themselves and look forward to coming to work each day.... Read more


Autovol has a vision to advance the industry by doing construction in new ways. We're advancing manufacturing, construction, and modular construction in ways no-one else is. We believe in the power and value of modular construction to become the preferred way to build. We believe advanced technology should become a much bigger part of construction. And perhaps most of all, we believe in people. People are worthy of the very best, most inventive company culture possible—and people looking for a home deserve the highest quality home they can afford. Our vision goes far beyond our walls—we are innovating to impact housing affordability throughout the industry and across the globe.... Read more


Autovol is committed to building top-quality, affordable housing by empowering a devoted team of savvy Solutioneers with the latest in automation technology for off-site volumetric construction.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

We are not "employees" or "staff". From the top down, we are ALL Solutioneers! This is not a gimmick or just something to say because it sounds good. It's something we embody, and live. We've even defined what a Solutioneer is:

\ sə-ˈlü-shən’nir

1: a person who is among the first to explore, design, and build innovative ways to solve problems that overcome new challenges and situations.

2: a person who is inspired to collaborate with others, use creative ingenuity, and invent solutions to improve lives around the world.

Similar words for reference:

•    so·lu·tion a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.
•    en·gi·neer a person who designs builds or maintains engines, machines, or public works.
•    pi·o·neer a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new area
... Read more


By making smart construction brilliant, we are actively pushing the limits of modern-day building technology. We aim for precision builds, reduced waste, and faster timelines, lowering housing costs for future residents and their families. Our collective passion for seeking forward movement is humbly changing the game by making housing affordable where it’s needed the most.


Nampa, ID


200 US Employees


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