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Assurance Media Overview

Assurance Media is a locally-owned, Women Business Enterprise (WBE) that offers robust expertise, advanced technology, and regional experience for businesses needing premise security, audiovisual systems, and structured cabling. We serve organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region and have clients from Maryland to northern New Jersey. We enable these clients to improve their operational efficiency and their focus on growth by providing these inter-related services from a single vendor.
We provide a full range of services, including planning, development, deployment, and testing as well as on-going maintenance and support. Assurance Media combines these services with technology from today’s industry leading manufacturers to deliver solutions that solve many of today’s business challenges – connectivity, security, and communications. As a trusted partner, Assurance Media’s knowledge and experience help our solutions drive the maximum return on investment.

To become the “go-to” vendor for all low voltage technologies delivering security, multimedia, communication, and efficient building operations in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Assurance Media will deliver cost-effective solutions for premise security, multimedia and information technology solutions. We will focus on our clients needs using the most advanced tools available. Our solutions will drive the maximum return on investment for our clients. We will deliver, “The Leading Edge Done Right.”
Additional Culture Details
Our values are somewhat ordered by importance, but not completely. With the exception of safety (which we see as a given for highest priority in construction industries) our values are an order of operations to guide decision making for the the entire company. Is this the right thing to do? Is this best for the customer? Am I giving it everything I've got? Am I adapting to the circumstances or just getting by in doing this? What is the best possible outcome and am I moving towards that or away from it? It is not uncommon to have someone answer a question by quoting a company value, and having the group agree almost instantly. At each of our biannual meetings, there is no shortage of teammates who are able to recite the company values, mission and vision statements from the heart when asked to do so. We truly live and breath them, and we feel our successes are as a direct result of this methodology and the whole team's commitment to it.
Morally & Ethically Sound
Always do the right thing. You will never be punished for doing what is right, even if it costs us money or image.
Completely Customer Focused
Keep the customers best intentions in the front of our minds always. Do what is best for them and build meaningful relationships with those who give us work
Willing to give 110% at all times
Go the extra mile, add the extra effort, install the extra part and do not ever settle for less than the maximum effort possible.
Committed to Safety
Doing things safely is in the best interest of EVERYONE. Do the right thing for the customer's need with 110% effort, but only in a safe and secure way such that everyone goes home at the end of the day
Adapt quickly to change
See what is coming, be prepared to adapt to it. Play the breaks and roll with the circumstances to do the best possible job we can.
Results Driven
Everything done well is done for a purpose. We strive to deliver the best possible results regardless of circumstance
Wilmington, DE
63 US Employees
Structured Cabling/Premise Security/Audiovisual


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