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AssetWatch is a leader in proactive and predictive maintenance solutions, providing a rapidly deployable, end-to-end remote condition monitoring service. We help eliminate unplanned downtime for global manufacturers and simplify the predictive maintenance process by providing a network of wireless sensors and communication hubs, cutting-edge software, and condition monitoring engineers who condense and decipher the noise of data – making it more qualitative than just quantitative with expert prescriptive recommendations. By combining predictive analytics via machine learning in the software with the prescriptive insights of a certified expert, AssetWatch gives you way more than just the standard "pass/fail". We truly are a partner in the journey, helping change the culture of maintenance and reliability teams from reactive to proactive.... Read more


AssetWatch is revolutionizing the industry. We are building our business with scalability and extensibility in mind, adding more sensors, integrations and partners to our core hub of software and condition monitoring services. Come be a part of our incredible growth and culture.... Read more


Build the leading proactive maintenance platform for global manufacturers.... Read more


Care for our customer’s assets like they are our own, while delivering a world-class experience.... Read more

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“We are building a truly amazing company and everyone is as excited as I am about it. You can feel the excitement and passion in our team each and every day.” ― An employee in Operations

“I can directly see the impact that my team and I make every day. We are solving tangible, costly problems for massive industries through disruptive tech.” ― An employee in Sales

“I see the vision cast by our leaders. They have clear goals, and a plan to get us where we want to go.” ― An employee
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Growth Oriented
Learner, self-motivated, teachable


Westerville, OH


105 US Employees


Vertical Industry Software Products & Services

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