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Assessment Intervention Management

AIM strictly works only in educational settings. We also are all Texas based. We pride ourselves on that, because other staffing agencies do home health or hospital settings, which means they blur the lines between the medical model and the public school model. Additionally, national staffing companies are in other states, which means they forget or don’t know the uniqueness of Texas Special Education law and state requirements needed to provide services. Our team is constantly innovating and never letting the status quo create barriers to entry for students with special needs.... Read more


AIM provides a robust, one-stop-shop for specialized educational services. Our entire team comes from a background of working in education. We focus on the needs of students in special programs, using real language and our expertise to help schools stay in compliance. We are only based in school settings, meaning we are well-versed in education law.

Generally, A.I.M. approaches tasks using a paradigm of Legal, then Ethical, Best Practice, then Reasonable. This applies to all areas of our business: consultation, workshops, assessment and therapy. A.I.M. was founded in June 2011. We focus on only working with public schools and do not do any home healthcare operations. Our entire team comes from a background of working in Texas public school education. This means we understand the unique and dynamic aspects of Texas education. Out of the trunks of our cars at first, we empowered our growing team to challenge the status quo and collaborate with other pioneers in education. Through honesty and transparency, we bridge the gap between the medical and school communities so learners have a fighting chance. We live by "real lives, real language." We take complicated information and make recommendations that everyone understands so success stretches far beyond just that school building.
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At AIM, we are not only changing education, but the community around it. We believe that education is a holistic ecosystem. We invite you to join us on this mission. At AIM, we are some of the most passionate people in education.... Read more


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