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Ann Arbor T-shirt Company

The Ann Arbor T-shirt Company is a garment printing and embroidery shop operating in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Our aim is to provide all of the benefits of a world-class company (low prices, dependable service, strict deadlines) while maintaining a true, local vision.

This means that while we invest heavily in order management technology, top equipment, and training, we also enjoy getting to know our clients as people and neighbors. We value our clients as potential friends that we might bump into later at the Sparrow seafood counter or pull up a chair next to at Ashley’s – not just someone we need to keep happy to pay the bills (though that’s great, too!) We’ve been fortunate to meet many amazing people from the greater Ann Arbor community over the years doing this, and look forward to growing with the city in the years to come. It is our hope that you’ll walk away from your t-shirt (hoody/tote/etc.) ordering experience thinking "if only my wedding planner had been so accommodating."

We promise to continue to do our best to build a responsible, interconnected company that adds true value to the community and captures the Ann Arbor experience.
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Our vision is for the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company to be a smooth-running, t-shirt making juggernaut. Our warehouse is clean, bright, and busy. Our front office is bustling and inviting to clients. People trust and respect their co-workers to complete their jobs with expertise, while the system, software, and equipment that we've built around them ensures that their work passes through efficiently. The product of this choreographed production monster is that shirts go from concept to the client smoothly and quickly, allowing us to capitalize on trends and impress clients.

With this reliable and efficient back end, we are able to push our products into new markets in the United States and abroad, increasing our catalog and client base while steadily re-investing the gains to establish ourselves as one of the largest private label retail apparel printers in the world. As we gain momentum, we will be granted licenses with larger existing brands like pro sports teams. Our top designs will eventually get optioned by large brick and mortar stores. All the while, we keep re-investing in and scaling our central processing here - both in terms of improving our production as well as the experience for our employees - building a world class operation that we all look forward to coming into every day.
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Additional Culture Details

We are fortunate that our customers choose us for their apparel needs. We are committed to promoting a positive and dedicated work environment while remaining focused on the customer experience. It is not the managers or the owners that pay our wages. The customers pay the wages, pay for the t-shirts, and pay for sandwiches. While dyes fade and inks run, relationships are forever. As long as we cherish our customers and each other, we will not be abandoned.

Collaboration is the foundation of our success in growing relationships that generate confidence among our peers and customers. Our focus on collaboration allows us to do the impossible. When a customer orders shirts at 10am that they need at 2pm that day, we find a way. When a customer asks for a special order to arrive in England in two days, we make it happen. When we work together, and communicate openly, we can do anything.

Much like a tri-blend t-shirt, it is not in spite of our individual differences, but because of them that we are chosen over alternatives.
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