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Amplify is a member-owned financial cooperative with over two billion dollars in assets under management. We are open to any Texas resident. We believe consumers deserve quality choices in money management beyond a few big banks and that rates for financial products can be better when they only return value to customers, not stockholders. We also believe our organizational culture is an advantage because our employees don’t have to choose between the best interests of their customer and the expectations of their employer. That motivates our team to do what’s best for our 50,000+ members, and ultimately, for our community. Join us and find out how Amplify can deliver the banking capabilities you expect without expensive rates you don’t.... Read more


Helping members accumulate and reinvest savings within the community... Read more


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Additional Culture Details

In order to put our teammates in the best position to succeed, we must establish guideposts that empower them to make good decisions. Our clear sense of direction allows us to have open communication, positive debates, and respect across teams.

We believe that collaboration is a major key to our success, but we also know that it’s important not to let decision making outpace accountability. That means we trust our experts to make decisions within their unique realm of expertise and expect them to recognize when the broad impact of an initiative requires equally broad input.

As an adaptive organization, we strive to be responsive to our members’ changing expectations and the evolving financial marketplace. This means using data to test new ideas and, when successful, scaling those ideas in a methodical way.

Every organizational success sits at the intersection of collaborative and individual performance. We seek to recognize the unique nature of every performer and find the right balance of individual recognition and team-wide collaboration.

Being growth-oriented means operating with a sense of urgency and cultivating an engaged, dynamic workplace. At the same time, we know more time doesn’t equal additional impact, so we commit to being a place where teammates are energized, not depleted, by new initiatives.

Finally, success at Amplify means being accountable not only to one another, but also to our leadership, to our community, and to the future of the credit union.
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Service First
From our first days as a credit union, helping others has been at the heart of who we are and what we do. Our service-first approach is what allows us to build lasting relationships with members and team members alike, even for those who take a self-service approach to their money management.

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