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Airsys Cooling Technologies

AIRSYS USA, located in Greer, SC, is the global Headquarters of AIRSYS Ltd. and is responsible for distributing and supporting all AIRSYS Data Center, Telecommunications and School Air Solutions products for North America.

As a global leader in manufacturing high-performance Information and Communication Technology cooling equipment, AIRSYS is committed to delivering cutting-edge, highly reliable, and energy-efficient cooling solutions tailored to mission-critical environments. Our "Balance the Environment" tagline encapsulates our mission to harmonize technology and sustainability.
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AIRSYS is committed to protecting the environment by minimizing our impact using best practices, waste minimization, and pollution prevention by complying with all relevant environmental regulations and being a responsible community member.

Specifically, AIRSYS is dedicated to innovative and efficient heat removal systems that reduce carbon footprint, water usage, and power usage in mission-critical environments.
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Additional Culture Details

At Airsys North America, our commitment to "Balance the Environment" extends beyond the environmental implications to embody our holistic approach towards work-life balance, family values, and community contributions. Our inclusive work environments are a testament to our dedication to diversity, welcoming employees from all cultures. Through initiatives like our family-driven ESL program, we not only support our employees' professional growth but also facilitate their personal and family integration into a broader community.
Our generous vacation packages are designed to encourage employees to take the time they need to recharge, reflecting our deep understanding of the importance of work/life balance. We are immensely proud to support our team members and their families, fostering an atmosphere where everyone can thrive.
It’s in these moments, when we see the positive impacts of our policies on our employees' lives, that we are reminded of the importance of our core philosophy: "Balance the Environment." This philosophy is not just about environmental stewardship but also about creating a supportive, balanced, and inclusive culture for our team.
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The primary goal is the pursuit of reliability across AIRSYS, products, services, projects, and information. Our team constantly focuses on our commitment to AIRSYS customers, suppliers, internal staff, supervisors, and colleagues. We should always strive to maintain moral high ground and avoid applying double standards.


Greer, South Carolina, United States, SC


50 US Employees


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