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The Ahola Corporation has long‐standing roots in Ohio and an affinity for doing business with other family businesses and entrepreneurs. Founded in 1967 in Lakewood, Ohio by husband and wife team, Chet and Rheta Ahola, the Ahola Corporation has grown and evolved to serve thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs across the United States. Now in the hands of the third-generation Ahola family, the company is evolving to serve not only the payroll and compliance needs of business owners today, but to assist employers in moving their company forward with total workforce management. Ahola strives to provide modern HR solutions, while remaining true to their family business roots, with personalized, local service delivered to their clients with care.... Read more


It's more than just keeping you in business- that's maintaining. Ahola confidently moves you forward.... Read more


Our heritage and drive for enduring success is shared by our clients who will never settle for just being successful –they also share in our vision of creating a legacy that provides for the many employees who are part of what they have created.... Read more


We are here to empower organizations to succeed by allowing them to focus on what they do best, because we take care of their payroll and human resources needs with the utmost accuracy, expertise, and caring.... Read more


We embody the Finnish mindset of Sisu. Courage. Tenacity. Resilience. At any point, an unknown event may occur or an unexpected challenge arises that we may not think we’re prepared for. When these things occur, we find a way to draw on our inner strength to persevere.

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