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Access Sciences Corporation is a Houston-based, woman-founded, employee-owned company with a global reach, committed to transforming organizations and individuals to become their best. Access Sciences enables clients to achieve their strategic priorities by optimizing assets, information, processes, systems, and human performance.

Access Sciences accomplishes this by offering services in:
- Business Analysis and Strategy
- Solution Design, Development, and Deployment
- Program and Change Management
- Critical Skills Sourcing, and
- Operations Support
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At Access Sciences, we are passionate about: the challenge of solving problems, the excitement that comes with variety in engagements, the satisfaction of building something for our clients, the pride of being employee owners, the spirit of entrepreneurialism, and the sense of community with our fellow employees.
• The personal growth that comes with continuous learning and honing our craft
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• We build the infrastructure needed to collect, store, organize, classify, secure, present, analyze, and archive information, then properly dispose of it when it is no longer needed.
• We steward our clients’ information throughout the information and data lifecycle, maintaining its integrity, security, and accuracy, allowing it to be accessed quickly and used most effectively.
• We support decision making through analysis of our clients’ information and data.
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Additional Culture Details

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We cultivate talent and learning, and passionately pursue excellence and mastery within our evolving profession.


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