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For people responsible for people, Helpside is your small business sidekick. Our team of experts saves small business leaders time and money by simplifying payroll, employee benefits, people strategy, personnel administration, risk management, workers’ compensation, and safety to see a greater ROI on their biggest asset: their people. After all, we believe that “Business is personnel,” and without a great team of employees by your side, owning a small business is not only more difficult, but also a lot less fun. As a Utah-based Professional Employer Organization (PEO) for over 27 years, Helpside has been privileged to work with some outstanding businesses and see how our services allow leaders to grow their businesses and focus on their true passions.... Read more


We provide superior service through understanding, with beneficial solutions, and always as professionals!... Read more

Additional Culture Details

The Helpside culture focuses on the real reason we all come to work. We work so that we can do the things we enjoy. That includes spending time with our family and friends and enjoying favorite hobbies. While we offer some flexibility in work hours, we encourage employees to keep a strict end-time to their work schedule and limit overtime. Employees already spend so much of their time with us, so we want to make sure they are able to find a balance that works well for them. Since so much time is spent together, we try to have a little fun as well. We host monthly staff lunches and celebrate employee birthdays as well as milestone anniversaries. We have annual holiday parties and get together for some fun with employees and their families each summer. We know that if we surprise and delight our employees, they will do the same for our clients. We love the opportunity to randomly bring in treats, play games, or offer prizes. It breaks up the day and boosts morale. Finally, we try to encourage a culture of accountability and recognition where employees feel appreciated for their hard work. We identify employees that go above and beyond and thank them for their work. We encourage employees to do the same for one another as well.... Read more




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