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Headquartered in beautiful Newberg, Oregon, A-dec is a global industry leader in dental equipment product development and manufacturing. We believe in the value of people and have built our entire culture around that shared purpose: to provide opportunities and care for people.... Read more


A-dec has always been a people first company, providing opportunities and care for everyone we impact. We value our team and show it by prioritizing an inclusive culture that promotes total well-being. Through development opportunities in education and career advancement, we empower our employees to reach their highest potential. We extend that same philosophy to our peers, customers, and the community – it’s the only way we know how to run a business.... Read more


From our humble beginnings, A-dec has emerged as one of the most respected names in the dental industry. The story of A dec’s success is a legacy of dedication, innovation, and creative solutions to meet customer needs. Now, nearly sixty years later, our vision hasn’t changed: we strive to be the preferred choice by providing a superior customer experience.... Read more


A-dec is radically different from other organizations. We believe that delivering the highest quality products and a superior customer experience starts with creating the best possible physical surroundings in which to work. This is evident in A-dec’s mission to provide a quality environment where people work together for the betterment of dentistry worldwide.... Read more

Additional Culture Details

Defining our culture ensures that our decisions and actions will reflect our shared purpose; no matter what challenges we may face. At A-dec, that culture is represented in "The A dec Way," a guideline of shared values and the company's operational philosophy:

1. Concern for people
2. Provide for opportunity and assist in self‑development
3. Provide an atmosphere encouraging self‑satisfaction and pride
4. Encourage team effort
5. Maintain complete fairness, honesty, and integrity
6. Maintain open, consistent, and regular communication
7. Encourage public service
8. Encourage creativity
9. Commitment to quality and productivity
10. Maintain consistency
11. Dedication to improvement
12. Keep things simple and basic
13. Build on a basis of “need”
14. Attention to detail
15. Conserve resources

Through daily habits of demonstrating our values, “The A-dec Way,” employees continue to preserve our culture of innovation, prioritizing inclusivity, total well-being, and pursuing opportunities for learning and career advancement. Our culture enables us to continue to provide a superior customer experience while shifting the narrative of what it means to be an industry leader.
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Concern for People
Concern for people includes all people we impact: employees and families, vendors, community, customers (dealers), user (profession). We live out this concern for people by creating the best possible physical surroundings in which to work, maintain a positive, motivating atmosphere, treating people the best we know how in all respects – equal and fair - and doing our best to provide steady work and security of employment, with professional, motivating, concerned leadership at all levels in the company.

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